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Greenwoods raw cafe

The first raw restaurant in Hong Kong.


Raw-vegan restaurant in Frankfurt.

Live Organic Food Bar

Raw vegan restaurant in Toronto.

Rating raw vegan food

How I rate raw vegan restaurants.


Raw restaurant in Madrid.


Raw vegan restaurant in Toronto.

Petit Brot

Raw vegan restaurant in Barcelona.

Koko Green | Nice | France

Raw food in Nice | France

Simply raw bakery

Amazing raw vegan restaurant in the heart of Vienna.

42 degres | Paris, France

An amazing raw vegan restaurant just around the corner.

Divine Earth | Seminyak, Bali

Raw food heaven in Bali.

Gracias Madre | Hamburg, Germany (Closed)

Truly amazing raw food and atmosphere. If you are ever in Hamburg, Gracias Madre is a must.

Rawtastic | Berlin, Germany

An amazing raw vegan restaurant just around the corner.

The Bowl | Berlin, Germany

Lunch on a Saturday

M.A.K.E. | LA, USA (Closed)

Long, long ago. We went to the M.A.K.E. restaurant ...


Our raw vegan anniversary lunch.

Pure Food and Wine (closed)

Birthday lunch, dinner with friends.


Suncafe is the last on our list this time, just as the last time. No idea why. We haven't been to their new location yet and the new raw menu grew a little. We are looking forward to a easy going Sunday brunch. There is plenty to try, let's see what raw deliciousness we can eat.

Au Lac Down Town LA

Just couple of days ago we ate at the Au lac in Fontaine Valley, it was so amazing. And we even have an Au Lac so much closer to where we live. We were thinking of eating here since we got to L.A., studying the menu, the raw options didn't seem like much, but so many of you recommended us going anyway saying that some delicious things are not even on the menu, so we are having lunch at Au Lac today. Get ready for the raw vegan deliciousness.

Au Lac Fountain Valley

We had lunch and dinner at one of the best raw food restaurants. Countless raw options, great flavors. A very special experience.

The Springs (Closed)

So many of our friends were raving about The Springs, we just had to try the falafel salad and the cinnamon roll, and everything else on the menu. The menu sounded like a fusion of the best raw vegan restaurants we have been to, we expect the best. And of course it's all organic.

Sage Vegan Bistro

Quick breakfast, best tacos ever. Moving finger.