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Hi lovely people and welcome to Rawismyreligion! I’m Ina. I love having you here, sharing my lifestyle with you, getting to know you better. You can get in touch with me here on my blog by leaving comments under the posts and on all my social media. I’m passionate about quite a few things, especially about eating the best food I can find and knowing that I make the best choice not only for me, but for the animals and the planet. I’m very passionate about my work. As a motivational psychologist (PhD), I help my clients to achieve their professional and personal goals by focusing on their passion, developing their skills, and unfolding their potential.
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Vegan lifestyle is the only way to end the suffering of innocent animals, not to waste resources, and to end world’s hunger right now! What is the best vegan diet? The one you enjoy the most and can follow without craving animal products for the rest of your life. The vegan diet doesn’t have to be super healthy, but it can easily be.
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Raw Food

I stick to a raw food diet cause it’s doable, delicious, and makes me feel my best. I find it super easy to stay vegan, healthy, and satisfied on the raw diet. I always loved fruit and veggies and never liked starchy foods, so raw is the best way for me to eat.

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Finding a Partner

Since my husband appeared in my videos, the love question gained on popularity. Finding a right partner is super easy and very hard at the same time. After 10 years together, we can share some insides for sure.

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Currently here


I was never eager to travel anywhere really, for a long time it seamed like a waste of time and money. But once I found a travelling style that even helps me to reach my performance goals faster and easier, I felt in love with traveling. And all the fruit I’ve tried and places I’ve live in.

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Makeup, which equaled beauty for me growing up, was a huge thing for me since I was little. My beauty routine matured with me, became more efficient, healthy, and cruelty-free. Now I can feel beautiful without any makeup on most of the days, while still enjoying playing around with cruelty-free products from time to time. I wear makeup in most of the videos I shoot once a week, but in my regular life almost never.

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Work is my favorite part of the day, even on the weekends. It wasn’t this way till I figured out what and how I wanna do. I talk a little about what I do and how I make money in my vlogs and in some posts. I talk and will talk much more about how I got there and how I keep learning and improving.

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Like most people, I love things. I love buying, collecting, owning, using things. New, antique, practical, unnecessary. Moving a lot and traveling made me question consumerism a lot. I’ve learned how few things we actually need and how much the extra stuff really costs. For now, I live minimalist lifestyle by necessary, but it becomes a little bigger part of me every day.

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Places we’ve been to recently:

Berlin, Germany
Vienna, Austria
Tenerife, Spain
Paris, France
Berlin, Germany
Munich, Germany
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Ubud, Bali
Bangkok, Thailand
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Budapest, Hungary
Hawaii, USA
Samara, Costa Rica
New York City, USA
Dominical, Costa Rica
San Francisco, USA
Los Angeles, USA

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