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M.A.K.E. | LA, USA (Closed)

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Long, long ago

It has been 2 years since our visit to M.A.K.E., and we still talk a lot about their food. This year we rented a place in Santa Monica, the second day we went for a walk and ended up in the mall where M.A.K.E. is supposed to be. We found a space closed for renovation. It must have been so recent, there was no mention of this on the internet whatsoever. Friends told us rumours, but we couldn’t believe it till we saw it. It’s a big loss for the raw food lovers. We have been here 6-7 times and would love to share some of the food we had with you.

What we had

cheeses make restaurant raw vegan

Tree Nut Cheeses

Sweet mustard, market fruit, fennel chips.

The cheeses ($14) are delicious. The smoked cheese is my fav. The mustard is exceptional. Sweet, mild and flavorful.

kimchi dumplings make restaurant raw vegan

Kimchi dumpling

With sesame foam & coreander.

Beautful little treats ($11). I’ve never had kimchi before and this dish inspired me to make my own kimchi, I filnmed a video and it’s my most watched video to this day.

lasagne make restaurant raw vegan

Market Tomato Lasagne

With macadamia, Santa Barbara pistachios, & basil.

One of the dishes ($16) I was looking forward to try and wasn’t disappointed. The sauces are amazing.

soup make restaurant raw vegan

Bartlett Pear Soup.

With young celery & juniper oil.

dessert amke out make restaurant raw vegan

Take out deserts

A little dry but beautiful.

sweets amke out make restaurant raw vegan


Some of the dishes are served at MAKE OUT and PLANT FOOD AND WINE in L.A.
Both places are not entirely raw and don’t have the exciting menu M.A.K.E. used to have.

la make restaurant raw vegan

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