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Rasayana Retreat | Bangkok, Thailand

Rasayana update and why I don’t recommend it to vegans

We love eating out but in the past 4 month we have been loosing trust in raw restaurants more and more. They are careless and don’t take the no-honey requests seriously.

Honey yes or no? Every time we ate at Rasayana, I asked about honey in EVERY single dish. I always have been told that what I ordered was honey free. My first clue was the sauce on the sushi that looked like the bell pepper dressing that contains honey. After this one, I started to literally ask everyone till I found someone who admitted I got the honey sauce in question on my sushi. After that, it was just the domino effect and more and more dishes turned out not vegan.

To be fair, Rasayana isn’t a vegan restaurant and doesn’t use the word vegan to advertise it’s menu. But if I order food and ask for no honey and am reinsured it can be done, then still get honey, it’s a blame Rasayana has to take.

Dishes that contain honey without a mention on the menu (only the ones I found out about)

monk salmon sushi rasayana bangkok raw food restaurant

Monk Salmon Sushi

Almond, carrot, lime, shoyu, salt, celery, spring onion, nori.

And hidden honey!
This one is a minefield for vegans. They use one of the honey containing dressing on this sushi and it’s not mentioned on the menu. It’s a pain in the ass. I asked before ordering what of all dishes contains honey. The sushi was supposed to be honey free. After getting the sushi, I took a look at the dressing menu and the red bell pepper dressing sounded pretty similar to the dressing I saw in front of me on the sushi, so I asked again. 1 out of 4 waiters actually admitted that it’s the bell pepper dressing on the sushi. And what a surprise, it contains honey. Very, very disappointing. I’m allergic to honey, as I’m allergic to animal cruelty.

rasayana restaurant bangkok food raw vegan eating out vegan
Honey is hiding everywhere at Rasayana. Dessers, dressings, drinks, salads. And as dressings make an excellent add on to any side salad, they might appear on any dish regardless the missing hint on the menu. I don’t think it is possible to 100% avoid honey here, but one can try. Asking what all is made with honey is useless. The waiters just don’t thing about every single dressing and additive while answering this question.
Investigating about every single component and letting them check back with the kitchen might be a safer strategy.

honey everywhere rasayana retreat

pizza hawaii rasayana retreat bangkok

Hawaiian Pizza

Sunflower seeds, onion, olive oil, shoyu, flaxseeds, peppers, red onion, tomato, nut cheese, pineapple. And honey. About $4.70.

All raw cakes might contain honey.

food plate rasayana retreat thailand raw food

What else we had, hopefully it was honey free

rasayana pizza rasayana retreat thailand raw food

Live Pizza

Flaxseed, tomato, marinara sauce, vegetables. About $5,30

The first piece of food we had here. This pizza is very light, the crust very thin, the marinara topping consists mostly of carrots and tomatoes. The sauces make it zesty and delicious. Without the sauces, you have a great low fat pizza. But there is an even a much better pizza at Rasayana, keep reading.

larb rasayana retreat thailand raw food


Almond, carrot, lime, kaffir lime leaves, mint, lemon grass, shallots, cucumber, string bean, carrots. About $4,50.

A raw vegan take on the traditional larb dish. It’s a slightly spicy, flavorful spread. It’s a nutbased but light appetiser. We took it cause it was new on the menu and I’m always very excited about new raw dishes. It was ok to try.

papaya salad rasayana retreat thailand raw food

Spicy Papaya Salad

Green papaya, orange juice, garlic, chili and string beans. About $4,50.

Very spicy, deliciously seasoned pasta with a light fruity dressing. Even it was spicier than expected, I don’t regret ordering it at all. Moreover, as it is low in fat, I would have liked a much larger amount of the papaya noodles. I’m going to order 2 or 3 of them the next time to have a good size serving of this amazing salad.

juices beetroot pineapple rasayana retreat thailand raw food

Juices: Rasayana Combo & Pineapple Zinger

Carrot, beet, celery, apple & pineapple and lime. About $2,50 each.

The juices are amazing. Fresh, delicious. We tried juices on the menu first, and these both were a hit. Later, we modified them a little, but the base stayed the same: I love beets and my husband loves pineapples.

soups cazpacho thai coconut soup rasayana retreat thailand raw food

Soups: Gazpacho Soup & Thai Coconut Soup

Tomato, Celery, Cucumber, Radished, Onion, Lime, Garlic, Cayenne and Avocado & Coconut cream puree with celery and mint. Both around $4.20

These soups were good. The tomato soup very light and low in fat, the coconut soup very rich, flavorful, definitely our fav soup at Rasayana.

beetroot soup rasayana retreat thailand raw food

And one more Beetroot Soup

Almond milk, cabbage, olive oil, garlic. About $4.20.

Very tasty, rich but still light. With a splash of almond cream. I ordered the soup for it looks, but loved it especially for it’s amazing taste. I’m a beet lover through and through. Even I liked the coconut soup a little better, I would always order this one and try to steal a spoon of my husbands’ coconut soup.

veggie sandwich rasayana retreat thailand raw food

Veggie Sandwich

A light sandwich made with crispy carrots and celery bread and filled with fresh veggies. About $5.30.

This Sandwich bread is probably the best thing you can make out of just veggies. The bread is very light, airy and tasty. It’s great appetizer, but more a salad than a sandwich.

pineapple coconut smoothie rasayana retreat thailand raw food

Coconut pineapple smoothie

Creamy yummy smoothie. You can’t go wrong with pineapple and coconut.

Make your own raw food dishes, click and try.


The food does not look as nice as at the restaurant, cause I had to assemble the dishes. But it tastes amazing and everything is fresh, the crusts and crackers are crispy.

raw breackfast rasayana bangkok
rasayana breakfast
fresh tomato coconut soup rasayana retreat thailand raw food

Soups: Thai Coconut Soup & Summer Tomato Soup

Tomato Soup: Tomato, avocado, lime, and parsley. About $4.20 each.

I described the thai coconut soup above, we liked it a lot, so we ordered it again, it it was very delicious. The tomato soup was a little bland, the avocado peaces were great in there, the gazpacho we the day before was creamier and more delicious, if I remember it correctly.

guacamole rasayana retreat thailand raw food

Guacamole Platter

Carrot, celery, and bell pepper sticks with fresh thai avocado guacamole. About $4,50.

It tastes like a smashed avocado with tomato peaces, not more, not less. Compared to the other dishes, like pizza, pretty simple and just too small. The veggie sticks are nicely cut though.

raw tacitos rasayana retreat thailand raw food

Flaxseed Tacitos

Flax chips topped with mexican taco salsa. About $4,50.

Flaxseed crackers with a spicy salsa we had yesterday. The spicy salsa is pretty delicious. I put some of the sauces on it, something was missing without.

juices beet apple mojito retreat thailand raw food

Breakfast juices

Beetroot, apple & Mojito: pineapple, lime, mint. About $2,50 each.

These both our favs. Apple juice & beet juice. Pineapple juice, lime juice, & mint.

Another Breakfast

breakfast delivery order rasayana retreat thailand raw food
breakfast food raw vegan rasayana retreat thailand raw food
pesto noodles rasayana retreat thailand raw food

Pesto Pasta

Marinated zucchini noodle, homemade pesto sauce made from fresh basil. About $4,70.

The noodles didn’t taste marinated and the sauce was a flavored oil and was on the tart side. Not impressed.

Spaghetti  Meatballs pasta meat balls rasayana retreat thailand raw food

Spaghetti & Meatballs

Marinated zucchini noodles, savory almond nutmeat balls, zesty marinara sauce. About $5,20.

The noodles were fresh zucchini, didn’t have any taste to them other than fresh zucchini, the meat balls were not savory nor meaty, I got to taste them extensively as they were also the patty in the sun burger.

sun burger rasayana retreat thailand raw food

Sun Burger

Almond-celery-sage patty, cabbage leaf, live ketchup. About $5,20.

I found the patty bland and fatty. The ketchup is very delicious and saves the dish.

rasayana retreat raw food burger

Mushroom Burger

Sunflower seeds, olive oil, shoyu, flaxseeds, mushroom, onion, garlic, celery, mixed vegetable, tomato sauce, macadamia cheese.
about $4,80.

The burger is simply amazing! Have to try it.

taco rasayana raw food restaurant bangkok

Mexican Taco Cups

Mixed vegetable, crunchy taco cup filled with Rasayana’s
famous spicy salsa. About $5,00.

These cups are incredible. The crust is similar to the on in the sandwich, but with the salsa, the sweet cups develop a great flavor as soon as they get soaked in it a little.

spring rolls rasayana retreat thailand raw food

Spring roll

Cabbage leaves, nut pate, sweet sour sauce. About $4,50

The nut pate tasted familiar, we had in with the sun burger and the spaghetti & meat balls. The dish was basically something I didn’t like, wrapped in cabbage. With the dressings, the dish tasted much better though. The only downside was the dirt on the cabbage leaves.

cabbage roll rasayana retreat thailand raw food

Cabbage Rolls

Cabbage leaves,carrots, celery, avocado, bell peppers, cashew sour cream.

Salad wrapped in salad. I don’t mind eating a salad, but then, I need a decent portion of it.

thai pasta sauce rasayana retreat thailand raw food

Thai Pasta

Veggies, coconut noodles, onion, chili, garlic, ginger, tamarind, spicy marinara sauce. About $4,50.

We loved the thai pasta. The coconut noodles made is filling. Our order came with the tomato sauce, which we loved. I suppose, they were out of the tamarind sauce, or it contains honey, will have to ask about that the next time.

raw eggplant lasagne rasayana retreat thailand raw food

Eggplant Lasagna

Marinated eggplant, zucchini, marinara, avocado sauce. About $5,30

Here the marinara sauce again. I don’t like it, it makes every dish into a salad. I’ve never seen a restaurant using that many carrots and now I know why. They don’t taste good.

rasayana retreat bangkok beet soup

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