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Rating raw vegan food

Eating out and writing about food, I came up with a rating system, that helps me to evaluate the restaurant more objectively considering all the important dimensions and not falling for the halo effect, the overall impression of the experience or the personality of the owner or server.

Overall rating

the average of the sub-category rating.


how hygienic is the restaurant and food handling

  • clean tables
  • clean kitchen (if visible)
  • clean menu
  • clean cutlery
  • hair in food
  • server touches the food while serving
  • dirty hands
  • sneezing, coughing in the kitchen or while serving
  • cutlery directly on the table


  • Organic
  • Freshness
  • clean food
  • Taste

  • not bitter or over-salted
  • good combination of ingredients
  • good texture
  • Creativity

  • I wouldn’t be able to do it easily in 15 minutes
  • I ate the same recipe somewhere else
  • plating
  • Variety

  • variety of the main dishes
  • variety of the deserts
  • variety of the salads
  • variety of the drinks
  • Vegan friendly

  • no honey
  • no dairy
  • Special requests

  • Substitution
  • Oil-Free
  • Salt-Free
  • Communication

  • Friendly stuff
  • Transparency
  • Venue,ambiance, atmosphere

  • temperature
  • space
  • decoration
  • location
  • Really Raw

  • nuts not raw
  • use other cooked ingredients
  • use blanched frozen ingredients
  • Waiting time

  • before order
  • before first meal
  • inbetween meals
  • Value for the money

  • price, considering the complexity the dish
  • price, considering the location, costs of labor in the country
  • price, considering the used produce
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