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Gracias Madre | Hamburg, Germany (Closed)

Raw vegan cakes 2 gracias madre Raw Food Hamburg

Raw vegan Restaurant Cakes Raw Gracias madre Raw Food Hamburg
I saw the beautiful food pics all over facebook page and I instantaneously knew, we have to go to this restaurant. And yet, I had no idea what I would have missed otherwise. I’m so grateful to everyone who posted about this amazing raw vegan restaurant on facebook. We had 2 amazing lunches and enjoyed the sunny days at the Alster. This is without a doubt our fav place in Hamburg.

What we had

Raw Chili con Carne Gracias madre Raw Food Hamburg

Chili sin Carne

Sprouted lentils, sweet potato, Mexican chili sauce, cashew cream.

The chili (9,50€) was great. The flavors and the textures were amazing. The sprouted lentil and soft sweet potato base combined with the tomato sauce was slightly spicy and rich. The sour cream and cilantro on top perfected the dish. We simply loved everything about it.

Raw Pizza Gracias madre Raw Food Hamburg


Zucchini walnut crust, green pesto, tomato pesto, mozzarella, wild flowers.

This Pizza (11€) was beautifully decorated with wild greens and flowers and tasted really good. The flavors and texture was great: crunchy crust, soft mozzarella pieces, fresh tomatoes, hearty sauce. Wonderful main dish.

Raw Tacos Gracias madre Raw Food Hamburg


Corn, mole, guac, pico de callo.

I just saw the tacos on the menu and got pretty excited. I love tacos. And these tacos (9,50€) were amazing. So amazing, we got them again couple of days later. They looked like mini pizzas topped with lots of goodness. The taco crust was delicious. It tasted literally meaty, like a German sausage. The topping was very taco-like. Cilantro, avocado, tomato, cashew cream transformed into authentic Mexican goodness. Our fav dish here today.

Burger raw vegan gracias madre Raw Food Hamburg


Seeds, nuts, beet. Eggplant bacon.

It was hard to believe this burger (11,50€) was vegan, and even harder, it was raw. But it actually was. And it tasted great. It was easy to eat with hand and with the side salad a decent main dish. The patty tasted exactly like a regular burger patty, and the dark deep red color, beautiful. And there was eggplant bacon, can it get even more amazing?

Quinoa Tabbouleh gracias madre Raw Food Hamburg

Quinoa Tabbouleh

Sprouted quinoa, sesame-cashew cream.

This tabbouleh (7,50€) was perfect for my husband, he doesn’t enjoy the regular raw cauliflower tabbouleh. There was lots of tahini sauce on the side, which was creamy, rich and tasty.

Raw Food Gracias madre Raw Food Hamburg
Raw vegan Restaurant Tiramisu Gracias madre Raw Food Hamburg
Torten rohkost Ina madre Raw Food Hamburg

Raw vegan Tiramisu Gracias madre Raw Food Hamburg


This raw tiramisu (4,50€) was delicious! The texture was on point. Like the most delicious home made tiramisu I used to make for my friends many many years ago. It literally melted as I ate it. The only thing I would change if I could, is the coconuty taste, my husband didn’t mind though.

Raw vegan Raspberry Tart Gracias madre Raw Food Hamburg

Raspberry Crumble

This cake (4,50€) reminded me of a linzer tart. It had a delicious crust, a cheesecake layer and a yellowy layer. The yellowy layer was so delicious, like a mix of semolina porridge and raspberry jam. If I new how to make it, I would eat it instead of my oatmeal in the mornings. And did I mentioned it’s absolutely beautiful.

Keks Chocolate cookie gracias madre Raw Food Hamburg


Cashew flower. Chocolate.

This cookie (2,50€) was probably the best cookie we had so far. Soft, sweet, comforting. After trying one, we got two more.

The Gracias Madre Experience

We went two time. The fist time just after arriving from Berlin in the morning. It’s a 2 hours ride, not too bad. Another 40 minutes from our place in Hamburg. It was absolutely worth it. Couple of days later, we went there for Stefan’s Birthday and had all the cakes they had on display. Gracias Madre is a family business and you can taste the love and passion the food is made with. We are absolutely grateful for the amazing experience we had.


Weekends around noon are the busiest, but a time to go if want to stroll around Alster with hundreds of locals on their day off. Usually, I find something on the menu that I don’t like and absolutely don’t recommend. So far, I didn’t find anything here I didn’t love. My favs are the tacos and the cheesecakes. I definitely recommend to have a chocolate chip cookie and a truffle to go.

Raw vegan Restaurant cakes Gracias madre Raw Food Hamburg

Raw vegan Restaurant flowers Gracias madre Raw Food Hamburg

If you want to see more of what happened on these days and more food, check out the snapchat videos here September & Oktober stories.

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