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The Springs (Closed)

Our day at The Springs

It’s an spacious, fresh, modern new raw vegan restaurant. So many friends told us about the amazing food, so here we are. We are so excited to try the falafel salad and the cinnamon roll. The menu sounds like a fusion of the best raw vegan restaurants we have been to, we expect the best. And of course it’s all organic.

What we had

Falafel Salad The Springs

Falafel Salad

Romaine, mized greens, tahini dressing, harissa, falafel, quinoa tabouli, zatar crackers.

The falafel salad ($16) was large, it smelled so delicious I almost forgot to take ss pic. Let’s start the greens were fresh and the dressing savoury & creamy. The falafel and the hummus were exceptional. If the falafel were less on the salty side, I could say these are the best raw vegan falafel I’ve ever had. The texture, the flavor, the color, very falafel like, but softer, without the dry crust that I never liked about the regular falafel. Now the hummus, the hummus is without the doubt the best raw vegan hummus I’ve ever had. It’s very creamy, very hummus like, simply delicious and filling.

Cinnamon Roll raw veganj the springs 2

Cinnamon roll

Oat pastry, cinnamon caramel, pecans.

The cinnamon roll ($4) was exceptional. Better than a regular for sure! Soft, sweet, cinnamony, nutty. We got a second one, it was that good. Stefan loves this roll, he would eat it every day if he could.

Horchata Milk the spring la


Almonds, water, oats, dates, cinnamon, vanilla, salt.

The milk ($10) was delicious. Like nothing I’ve had ever before. Like a rich milk, with a sweet cinnamony flavor. Stefan compared it to a cinnamon rice he used to have as a child. Very delicious.

Cheese Plate the Springs raw vegan

Cheese Plate

Nut cheeses, crackers, fruit, mustard.

The cheese plate ($20) consisted of 3 different raw vegan cheeses, a smokey cheese, a chipotle cheese, and an aged cheese. We liked all the cheeses, the smoked one was the best. I would have loved to have a little more crackers or more apple slices the next time. I use the cheese very sparsely apparently. The mustard it comes with is great. I could eat just this mustard all day long, no cheese, no crackers needed. Just the mustard, with some apple slices.

Reuben The Springs vegan


Caraway “rye” bread, marinated mushrooms, thousand island dressing, sauerkraut, dill pickles.

Reuben ($6) was like nothing I have had at a raw vegan restaurant before. The combination of the dark bread, marinated mushrooms, pickles, sauerkraut was very intriguing to try. I instantly loved the pickles and the sauerkraut. The pickled mushrooms were a little too salty for my taste. I needed something more mellow to counterbalance the salty pickles. The pickles are definitely the winner for me in this dish. I will be getting them as a side to salads, wrap, and maybe even desserts.

Tuna Roll raw springs

Tuna Roll

Nori, spicy “tuna” pate, cucumber, greens, avocado, chipotle mayo.

The tuna roll ($15) was spicy, fishy, even the greens in the wrap tasted like the fresh ocean, the tuna filling was creamy, but still had a great tuna like texture. The flavors were so great that the soy sauce that came with only disrupt the harmony with its harsh salty taste. The wasabi on the other hand, added even more spiciness which I loved. I just love horseradish, and wasabi is a beuatiful way to eat it.

Kombucha The Springs raw vegan

Strawberry kombucha

The kombucha ($5) is simply delicious. It is made in house and is very refreshing, rich in flavour, a great substitute for soft drinks, beer, wine, anything!

Nacho Salad The Springs vegan

Nacho Salad

Coconut wonton, “Old Bay” cream cheese, bell pepper, celery.

This nacho salad ($19) was great. So many textures united in just one bowl. The buttery roumain, the cheesy salad dressing sauce, the crunchy taco crumbles, the rich and creamy guacamole, the spicy pickled jalapenos, the super thin, crunchy tortilla. The cashew sour cream tasted like it was made out of coconut. And you know. No in sauces or cakes for me please. But mixed in with the rest of the salad, it can stay. The salad is pretty large and an amazing value. It alone could be your perfect lunch or dinner.

Sweet corn ravioli

Sweet corn ravioli

Arugula-mint pesto, red bell pepper cream, cherry tomatoes

The sweet corn ravioli ($19) were soft and literally melded in my mouth. The creamy filling was rich, flavourful, and super delicious. The presentation was terrific. We shared the ravioli and I found them pretty filling.

The Springs Experience

It’s a beautiful place to spend a day. To not to hit the traffic coming from Santa Monica, we left around 10 and got a late lunch, stayed for lunch and dinner. We love the open loft space, the munis is great, people are interesting, and the service just great. This space is not just a restaurant, but a yoga studio and a wellness oasis as well. There was a daybreak party that day and a band playing at night. They were setting up a beautiful table for 20 people for a fine dinner, it looked beautiful. So the next time you are planning your special evening out, keep The Spring in mind. This is truly the perfect place to spend a great day eating great healthy food, working, relaxing, doing yoga, getting a massage, enjoying the music, introducing friends and family to great healthy food. The chef Michael Falso, his kitchen team and the stuff at The Springs served us the best fresh, organic, exquisite, creative food you can expect on this planet. We felt welcome the whole time at The Springs and left happy, satisfied, and uplifted. Absolutely looking forward to come back soon.

sweet note the springs

Thank you!

One our receipt we got this sweetest note ever. Than you The Springs, thank you chef Michael Falso for this beautiful day.


Ask for honey. They use it in some drinks and dishes. They have a bar menu from 3pm-6pm where you can get some of the dishes like Reuben and Rangoons in smaller size, great way to try many items on the menu at once.

This is how I’m going to make a raw crackers, burger, raw noodles at home

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