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Super easy kale chips

We love kale chips and probably have tried every single flavor of raw vegan organic kale chips all over the world. Living in Germany, it gets easier and easier to get fresh kale and Stefan’s parents grow it in their garden, but it’s not that easy to get kale chips at the stores. When it comes to healthy foods, Germans are not eager at all to spend the extra money. It seems like they expect the healthy chips to cost just as much if not less than regular chips which are just around 1€ for a big bag. Once, buying a bag of raw organic kale chips at a regular store the person behind us got super angry about us paying 3.5€ for the tiny bag of kale chips as we were spending his money. Hope you get the picture. This is the main reason why there are very few German brands making kale chips.

Чипсы из кейла

Super easy Kale Chips


½ bunch
1 tbsp raw
1 tsp
curry powder
Wash and de-stem the kale. Rip it into bite size pieces. Add the tahini and curry and massage gently the kale until evenly coated. Lay the kale out onto a dehydrator sheet without the kale overlapping and dehydrate overnight at 108ºF/42ºC in the dehydrator.

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Besides the price and availability, our diet got much healthier over the years and we don’t buy products containing oil anymore, we are not into salt as well. So I started making kale chips myself. There are quite a few awesome recipes I’ve been making lately, but this one is the easiest and super tasty.
Super easy kale chips
Super easy kale chips
Super easy kale chips
Super easy kale chips
Super easy kale chips

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