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Tree Shop

Small shop with limited selection of organic greens.

City Super

After the farmers’ market we still needed some things and went to the City Super near the pier. Organic veggies at the City Super in Hong Kong Organic mushrooms. Organic corn. Organic carrot. Organic greens at the City Super in Hong Kong Organic apple display. Organic apples. Green organic apples. Organic berries at the City Super in Hong Kong Organic veggies. Organic avocado. Organic beet. 2 small pieces 17 HKD. 2 organic carrots. 20-30 HKD. Organic oats. Organic oats. Natural cleaning stuff and detergent at the City Super in Hong Kong Organic figs. Organic nuts. Freeze dried organic fruit. Organic nuts … Continue reading


Organic bananas.


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Better than taxi.

Eco Shop

This is where we found raw organic tahini in Hong Kong.

Yata Supermarket

Good selection of organic veggies, beans, grains, and some fruit.

Green Common

Health food store with many organic and vegan products.


Organic Convenience Store in Hong Kong.


Buy vitamin B12 here .

Apple pie

Healthy raw vegan apple pie recipe anyone can make.


The blender I'm using at the moment.

Where to buy organic in Barcelona

Before traveling to Barcelona, we searched for organic options online and new there are organic shops, but we had no idea there so many so great fully organic shops, vegan stores and raw vegan foods. We hope we can help you to plan your shopping in Barcelona.

Organic in Como | Italy

Organic Food Shopping in Como We only accidentally discovered this amazing organic market hidden in the back of residential buildings. As we were driving around in search of a decent hotel, we passed the small street where there store was located and came back there later after we settled in. Unlike many places in Como, Naturasì has a great parking area for customers. The fruit and veggies selection was great (we were there in december). Super ripe delicious organic persimmons, tomatoes, lettuce and even some basic raw vegan bars. Naturasì

Flea Markets in Nice | France

Flea markets and thrift stores Puces de Nice By the Old Port are couple of antique stools. However, on a Saturday during the working hours in December, most of the littles shops were closed. We found lots of antique plates and cutlery, also silver pill boxes and cigaret cases. The products are from rusty trash to great condition 800 silver.     Sunday: Old port flea market I’m not sure if the market is regularly taking place every Sunday, we accidentally spotted it taking a walk on the mountain and came running down to for this amazing market. The market … Continue reading

Organic in Nice | France

Organic Markets in Nice There are different chains of all organic markets, most of them pretty tiny, but with a good enough fruit and veggies selection. Naturalia (Cassini) Great organic seasonal fruit, veggies, sprouts, seaweed. Naturalia (Déroulède) Great organic seasonal fruit, veggies, sprouts, seaweed, organic nuts and seeds. Bio C`Bon Organic seasonal fruit, veggies, sprouts, seaweed, raw vegan snacks and water in glass bottles. Biocoop Organic seasonal fruit, veggies, sprouts, seaweed, raw vegan snacks and spices. Marchand Bio Great organic seasonal fruit, veggies, sprouts, seaweed, organic nuts and seeds. Water in glass bottles. You might be able to find a … Continue reading

Vegan Market in Berlin

The Green Market is an all vegan event we love to go to meet amazing people and eat some great food.


Raw food recipes you can make at home Raw food is easy and delicious. With the right recipe and a little practice you will discover new favorites in no time. Cool new Vegan Cookbooks Vegan recipes are incredible and super cool. The are no restrictions, only gains. Discover cool new vegan recipe books from fav bloggers, instagrammers and youtubers. Vegan Cookbooks Get on track with simple vegan basics. These books help you to get started. Vegan books Going vegan is easy! Why vegan? Animals, the environment, health and your personal growth. Vegan health and tips Need more tips and inso … Continue reading

Power Wraps

My fav travel companion and it's so easy to make. If you have a dehydrator, try it!

Travel Food & Snacks

Traveling raw vegan is scary? Impossible? Too stressful? I don't think so! Traveling raw vegan for 3 years, we have some tips and tricks you should know if the thought of traveling raw stresses you out.


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I’m updating this page, it’s going to be awesome soon

What we eat in Bali

Quick drive to the market and we are all set for 3 fruity days. Eating all fruit is pretty typical for us here in Bali. We eat gourmet raw now and then, but not today.