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Best Vegan Memes

Hey guys, here are some vegan memes I found. None of those are my creation, but I could not find the creators to link to their website. If you are the creator of one of the memes, let me know in the comments. Me explaining how you can build muscles as a vegan Vegan: What my friends think I eat What my mom thinks I eat What my colleagues think I eat What society thinks I eat What I think I eat What I eat When you’re vegan af and the photographer says “say cheese” Wenn du vegan bist und … Continue reading

Snake Fruit

Crunchy mix of so many different flavors.


The toxic fruit.


Amazing beaches around the world.

Only in Japan

Special, expensive, and super expensive fruit, greens, berries.

Organic in Tokyo

If you are looking for organic and vegan food in Tokyo, this post will be extremely helpful. We stayed in Tokyo for almost 3 month and spend a ton of time exploring all the organic options available, just like we always do. You will find pics with prices, I also have an extra price post for a quick overview for organic fruit and natural beauty products. Compared to bigger European and Northern American cities, the availability of organic produce in Tokyo is not impressive. Considering the size of the city, there are just a few organic store chains with a … Continue reading


Wie verwende ich Agave.


on amazon on amazon on amazon recipes with lucuma powder

Worcestershire sauce

For all the "meaty" recipes like burgers, spreads, pasta, and salad toppings.


Soy sauce alternative.


Tasty, healthy, and absolutely underrated.


organic pure vanilla powder organic vanilla pods Recipes with vanilla


Mild cacao alternative.


Edible mushrooms.


I always get the organic corn to make sure it’s not GMO.


Unexpected vegan produce and snacks.

I E Produce

Great selection of specialty produce and cosmetics.