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Kale salad with corn and bell pepper

Kale salad with corn and bell pepper | raw and vegan


kale leaves, washed and chopped
corn cob, kernels cut off
3 EL freshly squeezed
Alle Zutaten vermischen.

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Kale salad with corn?

I enjoy eating raw corn in salads. It makes especially the kale salad a bit creamier. In addition, the sweetness in the corn balances out the bitterness of the kale quite a bit. The lemon juice also softens the kale taste a little. Not that I don’t like the kale flavor. But, I sometimes like a milder salad with all the good nutrients from the kale. I especially make sure to buy organic corn. But all the other ingredients as well.

Was ich heute in Costa Rica gegessen habe

Heute gab es Papayas, Bananen, viele Kokosnüsse, Biriba und Kalesalat.

How I try to eat more bell peppers

Unfortunately, I don’t eat bell peppers enough. I don’t automatically grab bell peppers when making a salad. That’s unfortunate. When cut into small pieces, bell peppers tastes particularly good in a kale salad. Especially red and yellow bell peppers. The paprika-corn combination is particularly tasty.

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