Egg salad bites

Egg salad
It’s a quick and easy to make appetiser or an entire lunch, if I eat it all by myself. I used to get an egg salad sandwich on my way to school every morning till I noticed that I was gaining weight. This recipe comes so close texture and taste wise to the egg salad filling in the sandwich I was eating, in a healthy and much more delicious version.

Egg Salad Bites


celery stalk
1 tbsp
2 tbsp
125 g (4 oz) box
kale sprouts
curry powder
garlic powder
125 g (4 oz) box
leek sprouts
Cut 1 ½ cucumbers into bite sized slices. Cut the remaining cucumber half and the celery into small cubes. Add the avocado and mash it while mixing it with the cucumbers and celery cubes. Mix the tahini with water and add to the salad. Add the kale sprouts, the curry and garlic powder, and the kala namak salt. Onto the cucumber slices, place 1-2 tbsp of the egg salad mix and top off with the leek sprouts.

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Egg salad

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How do we get the egg flavour into our food

Kala Namak salt tastes just like eggs. If you don’t mind using a little salt in your food, kala namak is amazing. It provides not only egg like flavor but also the taste. It is amazing for sauce and dressings like ranch or mayo.

Where to get the ingredients for this egg salad recipe

Egg salad

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