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Last food haul of october

We still had some leftovers from last week, and I forgot to order greens. So fruit-wise, we mainly have persimmons, oranges, mangoes, cherimoya and a few melons this week. There was still corn, although the corn doesn’t look as good as it did a few weeks ago, but tomatoes and peppers are very nice and the avocados will also help soon.

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What I keep in the fridge, sorry for the Germany only video!

I always keep corn, grapes, and bell peppers in the fridge. Tomatoes and avocados only go into the fridge when already ripe.

I don’t want to argue about what goes in the fridge or not, for me it’s about as little spoils as possible, that’s the only criterion I take into account when I decide what goes in the fridge. The taste may suffer, but something that goes moldy doesn’t taste good to me anyway.

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