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Festive Kale Salad

New Year's Kale Salad


2 bunches
1 bunch
1 bunch
green onion
4 tbsp
4 tbsp
coconut aminos
1 cup
1 pinch
smoked kelp
Wash and cut the kale, add the avocado and massage it till the kale softens a little. Cut the veggies and fruit and add to the kale. Add the sauerkraut. Mix tahini, coconut aminos and a little water. Drizzle onto the salad. Sprinkle with kelp.

Egg salad bites

Egg salad
It’s a quick and easy to make appetiser or an entire lunch, if I eat it all by myself. I used to get an egg salad sandwich on my way to school every morning till I noticed that I was gaining weight. This recipe comes so close texture and taste wise to the egg salad filling in the sandwich I was eating, in a healthy and much more delicious version.

Egg Salad Bites


celery stalk
1 tbsp
2 tbsp
125 g (4 oz) box
kale sprouts
curry powder
garlic powder
125 g (4 oz) box
leek sprouts
Cut 1 ½ cucumbers into bite sized slices. Cut the remaining cucumber half and the celery into small cubes. Add the avocado and mash it while mixing it with the cucumbers and celery cubes. Mix the tahini with water and add to the salad. Add the kale sprouts, the curry and garlic powder, and the kala namak salt. Onto the cucumber slices, place 1-2 tbsp of the egg salad mix and top off with the leek sprouts.

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Egg salad

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How do we get the egg flavour into our food

Kala Namak salt tastes just like eggs. If you don’t mind using a little salt in your food, kala namak is amazing. It provides not only egg like flavor but also the taste. It is amazing for sauce and dressings like ranch or mayo.

Where to get the ingredients for this egg salad recipe

Egg salad

I'm Ina

I'm passionate about raw food because it's so amazing, I don't crave anything else. Raw food is not only super tasty and healthy, it is also incredibly versatile and exciting. Give one of my recipes a try.

Avocado Cake

This is by far my favorite raw vegan avocado cake. It’s not only tasty, but it is also quite healthy. There are no oils or sugar in it. It is also pretty easy to make. No baking and affordable for a super tasty cake.

Avocado Cake

      Blender, food processor, freezer    


medjool dates
150 g
24 g
orange juice
Pulse the dates and the almonds into a grainy mix using the food processor. Add in the orange juice and mix for 2 more seconds. Lightly press the crust into the moulds.

Cream layer

avocados, ripe, but not overripe
126 g
orange juice
medjool dates (148 g)
Blend all the ingredients until smooth and combined. Spread evenly onto your crust and freeze overnight.
Remove the cake from the mould right after taking it out of the freezer. Let the cake sit at room temperature for about an hour or till defrosted.

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If you are not sure about using avocados for a desert, try making just one pies using one avocado to see how you like it! Or just make a thicker crust and a thin cream layer.

raw vegan avocado cake

Cake mold pre-cut pieces

You will need this mold for your raw vegan cake recipes.

food processor

I use my food processor all the time.


The blender I'm using at the moment.

How to replace some of the ingredients if you need to


You can use any kind of nuts of your choice. Cashews are great, walnuts are awesome, you can even try using seeds like sunflower seeds for the crust.


You can replace the dates using mulberries, dried apricots or even raisins.

Orange juice

You can use juice of lemons, limes, or clementines instead.

Common difficulties and mistakes while making the avocado cake

If you came across a problem not mentioned below, please comment in the comment section, I would love to help you out.

The avocado cake is not sweet enough

  • you can add more dates

The crust is crumbly

  • add dates
  • add more juice

The avocado cake crust is too sticky

  • to many dates

Can I make the crust using the blender?

  • No!

The crust is too runny

  • use less juice

Avocados are not creamy

  • avocados are not ripe enough
  • the blender is not powerful anough
  • you might need to blend a little longer
  • the blender jar is too large for the amount of avocados you were blending

The cream is too runny

  • too much juice
    • The avocado cream doesn’t taste good

  • add more dates
  • the avocados might be bad
    • my raw vegan cake didn’t freeze properly and is too soft

      • your freezer temperature might be too hight
      • you need to keep the cake in the freezer longer
      • много сока

      After defrosting the cake melted

      • you left the cake outside of the freezer for too long
      • it’s better to eat the cake right after it is defrosted, you can’t keep it

      Код для скидки VWN983


      Все об авокадо.


      Best natural sweetener.

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      Avocado Cake raw vegan recipe

      Delicious and healthy raw vegan avocado cake. Only 4 ingredients, made in 15-20 minutes. No oil, no sugar, raw and vegan. The best raw vegan avocado cake recipe.

      I'm Ina

      I'm passionate about raw food because it's so amazing, I don't crave anything else. Raw food is not only super tasty and healthy, it is also incredibly versatile and exciting. Give one of my recipes a try.

    Chocolate spread

    Delicious, healthy, raw chocolate spread made with just 3 ingredients. With avocado and dates, vegan, dairy-free, no butter or oil, no added sugar.

    Chocolate spreads are unhealthy

    A healthy chocolate spread? How is it possible? If we only use healthy ingredients to make our spread from scratch, it will turn out super healthy. Not using any oils, processed sugars, dairy is a good plan for a healthy recipe.

    Chocolate spread with dates and avocado withr aw cacao

    How about the sweetness

    A chocolate spread has to be sweet, right? Yes, but there is a workaround for this particular recipe, we are gonna use the healthiest sweetener there is, dates. Dates might not work in every single recipe as a sugar replacement, but here, the soft medjool dates are perfekt. Date are not only sweet, they also add a caramelly flavor to the spread.

    Is cacao unhealthy?

    There are many opinions on the health benefits and dangers of cacao out there. If you don’t wanna use cacao, use carob instead.

    Avocado Chocolate Spread


    2 ripe
    medjool dates
    3 EL
    cocoa powder
    Blend together till smooth and creamy.

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    All you need for this recipe