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Food Photography Props

My beautiful props I have been collection for years. I mainly focus on backdrops, cutlery, stoneware, and fabrics for food photography.

I get my props at flea markets in Germany and France. From potters in Japan, Spain, Austria and Germany. I love the minimalist Bauhaus design, vintage cutlery and Japanese handcrafted wooden plates.

I have a big cutlery collection, especially tea spoons and monochromatic matt plates. I’m. getting slowly into glassware as well.

I have lots of antique napkins and fabrics, but don’t use them too much for now. As for the backdrops, I prefer using big gray tiles (60-80 by 60-80cm). I also have some old french baking sheets, fake pvs backdrops and hand painted backdrops.

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Food Photography

Food photography is the biggest of my passions at the moment. I collect props and try all the new food photography techniques for you.

My favorite Props