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1€ place mat as a backdrop?

At the German dollar stores, and I suppose the dollar stores all over the world I always see those places matts who is some interesting points, that might make a good backdrop. I always wondered if I could use them as a backdrop, even though those are pretty small on size.

today I tried out two different ones. And wouldn’t print any stone print. Usually, the darker colors are more shiny and harder to work with. That’s why I picked out colors and took the photos in front of the south facing window in the evening. You can see a little shine in the photo above. In the edit it because she picture I moved the table a little further away from the window and edited the shine out,but it it was almost not there to begin with.

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As for the stone print, it’s not the greatest pattern for a surface, it’s not really believable than that cashews would not fall through and lie flat as they appear in the photo.

Make a good back wall though.

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As for the wooden print placemat, I think it’s a great surface. The coloring is a little grayish, but I like it overall. For macro photography place matts are pretty good surfaces, if you pick a believable print and the print quality is good.

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For comparison, I took same shot of the cashiers on some of my favorite surfaces, like this baking tray. And some stone texture plates.

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