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Backdrops from a hardware store


Huge cutting boards are super expensive, so I checked my local hardware store for some interesting and good quality wooden boards and I found some.

They also sell some aged and reclaimed wood that would be awesome as a backdrop. There are also very good alternatives to marble backdrops: kitchen counters. They have pretty solid and good quality marble prints and sometimes I can find a leftover piece for under €50. Sometimes even for €10. My most favorite marble backdrop, it’s a kitchen counter from IKEA, it was 20 €, not a piece, the whole thing in the sale corner.

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Here I took some test shots I was photographing some old props and raspberries.

Old seave and round baking molds

Food photography props from the flea market.

Last Raspberries of the season

Moody autumn preset for a one source artificial light set-up.

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