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Flea market food photography props haul Riesenflohmarkt Trabrennbahn

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Quick Market tour, more about the market and a longer video here.

Flea markets are amazing places to get food photography props, especially if you are a little bit more into the rustic dark moody photography. The price is the deathly market are usually a little bit better than online, and you also can see the goodies real life touch them and maybe even take a test shot to see if the item is suitable for your food photography ideas.

I found quite a few graters, they are usually a good addition for simple foods styling set up, rusty non-shiny items are usually the best.

This potato basket is amazing! It’s generation on I believe of the German potato baskets, I was looking for a little bit of a newer model that I used couple of years ago for a photo shoot. It was landed and I wanted to have my own. But this one worked so well and the photos turned out so pretty. Cats work with any kind of from fruits, not just potatoes.

This marble washing board or laundry board is going to be a great backdrop or a background. The pattern catches the shadows amazingly.

Here is an antique potato squeezer or press, most antique potato presses are made of aluminum with a solid handle, which is not particularly interesting for food photography styling.

This chocolate malt is a really pretty accessory for photographing tiny things like spices, this one is a little bit too shiny for my teeth but I will see what I can do with it.

I was looking for a bigger nature in cup and executive color but I only found this small one it was sold with the doll house kitchen equipment. It’s gonna be amazing for photographing spices too.

All in all I paid almost 100€ for all the stuff + 5 euros parking for the car. We couldn’t have done it without the car. The basket and the laundry board were too heavy. We also don’t live in Berlin anymore and had to come with the car anyways.

I’ve had to come to the city for an appointment, that’s why we only made it to the market in there afternoon. In the morning, there would have been so much more stuff I would be able to choose from. But to be honest, I’m not sure if I would have come to the market if I didn’t have another reason to be in the city that day. I feel like most of the stuff tI like at the market I already have.

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