We biked to our nearest Whole Foods today to get a little workout and to pick up some ingredients for our breakfast. We have lots of ripe bananas at home and we want to use them up. A muesli is a perfect way to eat lots of bananas we believe. It’s a beautiful large market with lots of organic produce. We decided to buy some strawberries, cashews, and mulberries. It really doesn’t matter what kind of berries you use. Everything tastes great in this muesli. The same with the nuts, we added a little almond butter, cashews, pistachios, but you can leave them out or use the nuts and nut butters you like the most.

Raw vegan simple Muesli



8 ripe, organic
bananas, 6 mashed, 2 sliced
1 pint fresh, organic
strawberries, sliced
2 tbsp raw, organic
almond butter
2 cups spring
14 cup dried, organic
2 tblsp raw, organic
2 tblsp
In a jar or a bottle, mix almond butter with water by simply shaking it for a while. Combine all the ingredients in a big bowl and enjoy.

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