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Last Raspberries of the season

The excellently grew some raspberries in our garden, the landlord planted couple of bushes at the fence and we didn’t even know about them until our grass cut a robot that stuck in it. Couple of raspberries appeared in the middle of October, I didn’t expect to see any this time of the year. It was a late afternoon and all the snow natural light outside but I still wanted to take couple of pictures of those beauties. I will share a preset with you that you can get for your artificial light food photography. I have a very simple one light source setup here for this photo.


LR Preset 90985 Raspberries moody artificial light



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Darker and lighter preset

You get 2 presets. One for a darker and one for a lighter result. They are the same, except the exposure adjustment. having both speeds up the process depending on the brightness of your original shot. I find it helpful if shooting with an auto ISO setting and getting different exposures.

Here is an example of a brighter initial image I took:

The Iso was 640.

Here is the Preset for a brighter initial photo, it’s perfect.

Here is the Preset for a darker initial photo, it’s too bright here.

Here is an example of a darker initial image I took

I shot it at ISO 200.

Here is the Preset for a brighter initial photo, it’s too dark.

Here is the Preset for a brighter initial photo, I love it.

As always. Adjust EVERYTHING you like. Especially the exposure, the color balance, and also the Hue and Saturation of the colors. I like the green slightly bluish and the overall image cooler, but you do you!

My camera setting for this example:

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