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Flea Markets in Barcelona

Best flea markets in Barcelona

Barcelona has unique, stylish, hipster and huge flea markets to offer. We are very spoiled flea markets enthusiast and wouldn’t recommend coming to Barcelona on a quest for awesome antiques, but once you are here and have couple of hours on the weekend and nothing better to do, try your luck here.

Lost & Found

Lost and Found is held in an amazing Train Station, what a magical setup for a stylish flea market.
A polished flea market with mostly hipster vintage clothes and furniture. You will get exactly the same hand picked clothes that you get at the vintage stores in Barcelona for the same price as in the store. Quality and condition of the clothes is not very good, mostly cheap brands like c&a rebranded with the logo of the vintage store. The furniture and household items are mostly from the 60ise to 80ies and for a flea market kind of pricey. Nice vibes, music, perfect place to hand out for an hour on a Sunday.
Happes on weekends, for details check out their facebook page.

Encants flea market

Saturdays and on some weekdays

One of the biggest flea markets in Barcelona. It’s held in an beautiful modern spacious hall and is floated with diverse items from antique shop quality silverware to rubbish. On the upper level, there are the more organised stools with antique and new furniture and antique silverware, which I found way too pricey. Downstairs, there are tables and piles of trash and probably treasures, which we couldn’t find the one time we went. Around Xmas we saw piles of cheap figurines for the cribs and dusty Xmas tree decor, there are piles of cheap weathered cosmetics, newspapers, broken electronics. All the sellers appear to be resellers offering a consistent assortelent goods. Missing are the locals, who sell their own or grandma’s stuff. Overall, the market has a charm of a Waste Sorting Plant with a better smell and in a too fancy of a hall. Nevertheless, it was a great experience to see this unique place.


Hip, clean, well organised flea market in a beautiful setting offers mostly hipster fashion and some antique household items. Prices are high, quality not so great. All professional resellers. More info on Fleadonia facebook.

Mercat Port Antic

Nice small antique market, silverware, art, books. Stunning location by the Marina. More Info on the Mercat Port Antic on facebook.

Flea Markets in Nice | France

Flea markets and thrift stores

Puces de Nice

By the Old Port are couple of antique stools. However, on a Saturday during the working hours in December, most of the littles shops were closed. We found lots of antique plates and cutlery, also silver pill boxes and cigaret cases. The products are from rusty trash to great condition 800 silver.



Sunday: Old port flea market

I’m not sure if the market is regularly taking place every Sunday, we accidentally spotted it taking a walk on the mountain and came running down to for this amazing market. The market is dominated by private sellers and professional antiques sellers with rather cheaper assortment of kitchenware, old household items, and worn out clothes.


Monday: Antiques Market at Marché aux Fleurs (Flower Market)

On Mondays, the Antique Market or ‘Brocante’, takes place here instead of the regular food market. Lots of interesting antiques, especially silverware. Almost exclusively professional sellers, we spotted some antique store owners selling here, the prices are accordingly, but the quality is much better compared to the old port market. If you’re looking for antiques in great condition and are willing to pay a little more, but less than at the antique shop, you will be thrilled with this flea market.


More Antique Shops in Nice

Around the old port, on the right side looking from the port towards the city the street with countless Antique shops begins. However, every time we passed by, the shops were closed. We spotted mostly furniture and decoration objects.