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Small old baking trays for food photography

I was looking for some old small baking sheets for a while now. I bought a big amazing at a-once-a year antique flea market in Berlin that I use a lot as a backdrop for close-ups. But I was still looking for 4-5 small ones to use as plates, rather than a backdrop to create some interesting arrangements for the “boring” food.

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I found a seller, I’ve sold countless small baking sheets on eBay Clementine German craigslist, and all dad three white and two skinny baking sheets. No I couldn’t really pick the color, as he was willing to get smooth them and taking pictures for me, I am I was really like you to get really amazing used to burn pictures on top. The backside looks like weathered brass and would make an amazing backdrop close-ups.

Here, I took some snaps of the texture today, if I find some time to take some more of the tripod, I might even be selling them on stock photography sites, and maybe even print out an enlarged version of the pattern to use for food photography.

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I did some corn styling with these baking trays here:

Fresh Corn Meal Prep

Food photography Lightroom preset for yellow and green tones.
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