Raw ketchup benefits

This ketchup recipe is easy to make, super healthy and tastes amazing with anything. But isn’t a raw ketchup recipe just for the raw foodies? Not at all, it’s tastes amazing to anyone and is much easier to make than any other recipe.

Why I make my own ketchup

I wasn’t too thrilled with conventional ketchup products once I took a closer look at the ingredients: preservatives, coloring, and E-numbers I wasn’t sure what they meant. Plus the tomatoes are usully chemically treated while grown and in ketchup. I decided to buy organic ketchup, but there was always added sugar. Like they say: “If you want it to be good, make it yourself.” Today, we will make the most delicious and amazing ketchup ourselves.


      Spiralizer, Dehydrator, Blender    

dried tomatoes
medjool dates
½ tsp
coocnut vinegar
Dry the 2 tomatoes in a dehydrator or buy dried tomatoes. In the blender, blend all the ingredients till smooth.

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raw ketchup recipe


The blender I'm using at the moment.

Raw vegan healthy ketchup recipe

In just a couple of minutes our healthy raw ketchup is ready to eat.

I'm Ina

In in love with raw vegan recipes. Raw food is not only super tasty and easy to prep, it is also incredibly versatile and exciting. Give one of my recipes a try.

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