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Free in Hong Kong

We were so amazed to find that so many, especially cultural events were free. Every museum we went to was free. But even major attractions like the Big Buddha or the Victoria peak are free except for the ride with the bus, you don’t have to take the expensive train or the cabin. Hong Kong is definitely one of the cities where you don’t have to take a guided touristy bus tour. Just hop on that double-decker bus whatever and drive around, get off and take a different one back. The same with the double-decker tram, how amazing are those. Also, the ferry is magical especially by night and almost free. And of course, the selfies you will take here are amazing and free.

Big Buddha by Crystal Cabin

A short 360ยบ trip to the Buddha statue.

PMQ in Hong Kong

Design and art space.

Tai Kwun Centre Prison

Art center and prison museum.

Take the best selfies in Hong Kong

To take amazing photos.

Victoria Peak

Hacks to plan your Hong Kong Trip.

Man Mo Temple

A different world.

Light Festival

Hong Kong Pulse Light Festival

Hong Kong daily light Show

The Light Show in Central Hong Kong.

Temple Street Night Market

A night market in Hong Kong

Hong Kong at night

Come on a walk with us.

Ferry Cool

Take a Ferry in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Art Centre

Amazing modern art.

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