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First mushroom Haul of the season

Stefan went to the woods with his father before work and brought back some amazing mushrooms. I’m not a huge forest mushroom eater, I prefer champions. Nevertheless, the bay boletes (it’s what i believe those mushrooms are), are really pretty and definitely worth a picture.

I have an amazing Lightroom presets for you you are mushroom photos that you can get here.

Take the picture I waited for the sun to go behind the house a little. I am shooting directly at the north facing window.

Get your Lightroom Preset for this shot

Get your Lightroom Preset for this shot

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Here are my camera settings I had for the shot. I am shooting death rate using a free Canon EOS Utility 3 software for Mac.

Here I cut couple of mushrooms to have a little bit more brightness in the main subject. The mushrooms are turning blue so quickly. Pretty color but doesn’t look really edible.

Here I took some pictures of the plates that I used for the mushroom styling. I took it hours before when is was still too sunny. It’s a bit harsher here. You can see them on the left of the plates.

The plates are a Japanese Brand Hasami. This collection available outside of Japan. If you are interested in food props and custom made big drops, check out this site for it.

Here is a backlit view of the mushroom snapped with my video camera. I edited it using my Pear LR Preset.

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