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Concrete backdrop for food photography

I love having different backdrop options for my food and product photography. So I’ve decided to start making my own backdrops using simple materials I can find at a hardware store.

There are so many amazing YouTube tutorials on how to do this. I linked my fav onew for you down below. I use them as an inspiration for my own projects. Here are some (similar) materials I’ve used to make the backdrops.

Here are supplies for the project at the german amazon store

Here are some of the concrete deck shirt backdrop examples I’ve made recently.

The last one was a little to contrasty for food photography and I painted black over the texture for now.

The great thing about the hand painted backdrops is, that they can be repainted or readjusted in anyway you want. It’s sometimes a little hard to take away the texture I have applied completely, but it’s possible to sand pretty mush all of it.

For the first project I would suggest choosing the smallest board you could possibly use. For me it’s 40 x 60 cm. After trying to create couple of big drops on the smaller scale on thin boards I am now advance too big or big drops that can be used as surfaces for larger composition as well. Right now I’m using 60 x 120 cm boards, which are 1 cm thick.

Whenever possible I try to reuse boards I already have and also use both sides of the boards for my backdrops.

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