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The Living Food

A vegan shop full of amazing organic treats for everyone

The Living Food is one of its kind in Barcelona. You will find artisanal aged vegan cheeses made of cashews and almonds, the best raw cookies from Czech Republic, raw coconut vinegar from the States, raw miso from japan, superfoods and fruit powders from all over the world and lots of local vegan products such as chickpea tempeh. We will focus on the absolute specialty: the cheeses, but the shop offers so much more.

We love the cheeses

The illuminated fridge caught our eye, we immediately realized we are in cheese heaven. We have tried many different raw vegan cheeses before, but the cheeses here sounded spectacular. We tried 7 different cheeses throughout our stay here in Barcelona and have to share them with you guys.

Blue Cheese

Aged cheese with almonds and cashews.

Our favorite! The texture and the taste are very authentic and delicious.

Semi-aged with Achiote

Made with cashews.

This cheese melts like butter. Super creamy and mild. It’s our second favorite cheese.

Tomato and garlic cheese

Aged cashew cheese with sundried tomatoes.

The aged cheeses are a true specialty, it’s almost impossible to find aged raw vegan cheeses anywhere else as for now. The taste and the texture totally remind of a mild gouda. The cheeses are easiest to cut when cooled in the fridge. After sitting outside the texture gets softer and the taste unfolds. The cheese becomes more spreadable. We enjoy the cheeses either way. We usually eat one half straight from the fridge, the other half half an hour later.

Paprika and smoke

Aged cashew cheese.

The crust is amazing and the flavor mild but with character. The paprika and smoke are well hidden.

Pink Pepper

Fermented cashew cheese with pink pepper kernels.

The cheese is neutral and creamy, the pink pepper adds tons of taste and flavor.

Truffle Cheese

Aged cheese with almonds, cashews and truffle.

Dense cheese-like crust, tender inner part with a mild truffle flavor.

Fresh Tulsi cheese

Fermented almond and cashew cheese with Tulsi.

This cheese is my least favorite, For me, it has a soapy aftertaste that I don’t like.

Coming to the shop, take a good look around and let Santi and Miguel explain you the cheeses and find your favorite. I’m sure you will wanna come back for more. If you’re not into cheeses, let me tell you, I never liked dairy based cheeses, but nut based cheeses are next level.

Vegan cheeses (not particularly raw)

A good blender is simply irreplaceable.

Dehydrator turns fruit into delicious healthy treats.

If you like veggie noodles, you should get a spiralizer.