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Sauerkraut with Carrots

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The carrot boy

Carrots are Stefans favorite dish. He consumes them as if they were a complete dish, in huge quantities, peeled with some tahini. Cabbage isn’t something he would usually ask for, so I started to ferment carrots with a little cabbage for him. And he loves it.

How to cut carrots

You can cut, slice or grate the carrots. I love to cut them with a noodle peeler. It’s fast and beautiful.

Can you pickle carrots only?

I haven’t tried to pickle carrots without cabbage, I kind of assume you need the cabbage to start the fermentation.

Less salt

I don’t like adding salt, I try to use a small amount if any.

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Pickled carrots with sauerkraut

      Knife, Peeler, Glass Jar

1 head of
cabbage, roughly cut
carrots, cut into noodles
2/3 tsp
Combine the ingredients massaging them for a minute. Place into a glass jar and fill the jar up with water so the water covers the cabbage. Leave at room temperature covered with a not too tight lid for 3-5 days. Check on your sauerkraut, when fermented to your liking, keep it in the fridge.
You can spiralise the carrots as well. I like to use the peeler. The water should be pure, chlorine-free. The salt I use has no additives, just pure sea salt or himalayan salt.

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Dill Sauerkraut

Better than pickles.

Sauerkraut kimchi style

Sauerkraut with the asian twist.

3 favorite sauerkraut recipes

I can't live without sauerkraut. It adds the flavour and textures that lacks in our raw food diet otherwise.

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