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How to peel the bananas correctly

The only right way to peel the banana without touching it with your dirty hands 💚 Definitely not judging, you can peel your bananas as you wish but if you care about hygiene, consider not touching the peel and the banana without washing your hands in between, especially if you are prepping food for other people. For those who think we need some extra bacteria to survive and to build up the immune system, feel free to lick the peel, no one is holding you back 😂😂😂

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Bananen richtig schälen

How do I peel bananas correctly and hygienically

For me, peeling the bananas correctly primarily refers to the hygienic practice of banana peeling. As we don’t wash bananas on the outside or the inside later, it’s just easier to leave the inside clean while peeling.

How to peel bananas correctly: simply pay attention to never touch the inside of the bananas and only to touch the peel when peeling.

We therefore need a bowl or a container for the peeled bananas and a container for the rubbish or the garbage can right next to the table.

Peel bananas right – easy steps

How can I easily peel bananas properly? It is of course important that the bananas should be ripe but not overripe. In the video I let the bananas last two days longer than necessary, and yours are also partially broken. That doesn’t happen when the bananas are perfectly ripe. Perfectly ripe bananas already have a lot of spots, but are not as black on the stem as mine.

Peeling bananas properly Starts by dividing the banana. It is much easier to peel a banana than bananas that are still connected. Decide where to start peeling, I find the bottom easier than the stem. Screams out the lower end while holding the bowl on both sides with both hands. When turning the bananas over, I hold the peel close to the rest of the bananas so that the peel doesn’t hang in the clean bowl or dangle from the clean, peeled banana.

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Bananen richtig schaelen und rezepte

Even if the banana is peeled correctly, the banana can break off, which is not a problem at all, mostly you have a lot of bananas for banana ice cream where it does not matter whether the banana is broken because you will cut the banana into many small pieces.

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Bananen richtig schälen

Peeling bananas correctly does not work

If you can’t peel the banana properly and you have to touch it because it’s missing on the table or becoming wobbly, that’s no problem. You can then leave the bananas that you have touched with dirty hands and then wash them off later when you have finished with the other bananas.

By way of explanation, I think that I wash my hands before I cut bananas into pieces.

Why is it important for me to peel-the-bananas correctly

For me it is important to peel the bananas carefully and to make sure that I do not touch the neatly separated pieces of banana with my dirty hands so that the banana stays hygienically clean. In the ideal packaging, in its own peel, it is a product that does not need to be washed off. That’s why I take care not to mess up this perfectly clean product.

  • There can still be a lot of dirt on the banana peel, dust and insect secretions as well as bird shit from the cultivation
  • During harvesting and transport, many people touch the bananas, they also store them on the ground and other unclean surfaces
  • Depending on which bananas you buy, bananas are treated with chemicals during cultivation and smoke form and after transport, these stick to the peel
  • in the shop, many customers touch the banana as well as the employees when clearing out the banana, we lie in the car on the assembly line and then in the car, but slowly with dirty hands in the shop when clearing and clearing out we like to touch
  • Dirt from the peel not small amounts on the clean edible part transferred to the banana
Bananen richtig schälen

Here is an example of a recipe made from many peeled bananas

Here is the full recipe to do it yourself

Bananen richtig schälen
Bananen richtig schälen
Bananen richtig schälen
Bananen richtig schälen

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