Cinnamon rolls

Every time I have too many ripe bananas I make cinnamon rolls and banana ice cream.

Raw vegan cinnamon rolls

Everyone who is into sweet baked goods will love these raw vegan cinnamon rolls. These buttery buns are a perfect treat that helps to forget the unhealthy regular cinnamon buns. This hight carb and gluten-free dessert is perfects for both kids and adults.

Healthy cinnamon rolls

We only use whole healthy ingredients to make this dessert and minimally process them.

So delicious

These cinnamon rolls are sweet and gooey, with a buttery tastes from the almond butter with a strong hint of cinnamon.

So easy to make

It only calls for 3 simple and widely available ingredients. Bananas, almond butter and cinnamon. Even the waiting time is quite long, the dehydrator will do it gladly overnight. All the prep is done within 10 minutes.

Banana Cinnamon Rolls


10 ripe organic
banans, peeled
2 tbsp raw organic
1 tsp Cylon organic
Split the bananas lengthwise into 2-3 stripes. Dry the bananas at 42ºC/108ºF on a mash tray overnight (12-16h). The bananas should be still soft on the inside, but the skin should be dry. Roll up a banana slice. Roll up 3-4 slices around one another to get a thicker cinnamon roll. Drizzle with almond butter and sprinkle with cinnamon.
If your almond butter is to thick, add a little water.

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banna raw Vegan Cinnamon Rolls

Banana cinnamon rolls

The recipe

Banana cinnamon rolls are super popular within the raw food community, everyone makes them, with a slightly different spin. The very basic recipe only calls for bananas and cinnamon, common addition are young coconut meat, nut butters, dates, raisins, vanilla, coconut sugar, or date sugar. Usually, the recipes are made of of not more than 3 ingredients.

Raw Cinnamon Buns

Vegan Cinnamon Rolls 3 ingredients

All you need to make this recipe

Picking the right banana

The banana should be spotty with no green ends. The bananas should be overripe, no soft brown spots.

raw vegan cinnamon rolls

Raw, organic, real

When it comes to almond butter, besides buying organic, make sure it’s raw. Check out my post on almond butter to find more info on why I never eat roasted nuts.

Splitting the banana

The hardest part of this is slicing the bananas lengthwise. I usually use a sharp cerated knife, hold the bananas down genteelly and cut is just like I would cut a burger bun. There is another great way to separate the banana into 3 stripes, but the stripes will not be flat. The banana consists of 3 parts and with a little practice, you can split it lengthwise using just your hands. Split it straight down the middle lengthwise and it will spit into equal thirds.
Peel the banana, it is usually a little firmer on the bottom. Look for a little hole right in the center of in the bottom, push it in with you finger and the banana will start splitting lengthwise.

Broken banana pieces

It’s unavoidable to mess up couple of bananas, that’s why I only attempt to make cinnamon rolls when have more bananas than I need. The broken pieces can be frozen for banana ice cream.

high carb raw cinnamon rolls

no dehydrator, no problem

If you are not a raw foodie jet or/and don’t own a dehydrator, make these in the oven. I wouldn’t recommend trying to dehydrate the bananas at a dehydrating temperature in the oven. It’s a waste of energy and never works out quite well. The oven is not constructed the way a dehydrator is and doesn’t as well as a dehydrator. The banana might start to ferment if you leave it in the oven at a low temperature over night. Bake the bananas for 2-3 h at 120ºC/250ºF on reusable silicon mat/paper.


Diese Zimtschnecken sind nicht ganz durchgetrocknet und dadurch nicht haltbar. Wenn ich diese am zweiten Tag noch essen will, dann rolle ich diese auf und lasse sie im Dehydrator weitertrocknen.

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