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Yata Supermarket

After going to the organic farmers market we passed through the mega mall on our way to the bus back home and discovered this large food supermarket and wanted to check out they organic options as we didn’t get everything we needed at the farmers’ market.

Organic fruit at the Yata Supermarket

The fruit display is beautiful, but only a few fruits are actually certified organic, let’s see which ones are.

Banans are certified organic and 17 HKD (1.90€/$2.17) for 3 bananas.

Here we have an overview of the biggest organic fridge in the store. There are some organic fruit, but mainly organic greens and organic veggies.

Organic papaya is around 50 HKD (5.60€/$6.38) for a kg, one fruit is about 1 kg. There are also organic limes, organic ginger, organic cucumbers, organic peas, organic baby corn and asparagus.

Here is the organic cabbage, bok choy, celery in the right corner and tomatoes on the left bottom. Everything around 30 HKD (~3€/$4).
Here is a large tomato display. The only organic tomatoes here are on the top right.

Organic greens at the Yata Supermarket

Organic greens and organic romaine hearts are around 60 HKD (~6€/$8).

Organic bell peppers are around 30 HKD for 2 pieces (~3€/$4).

Organic veggies at the Yata Supermarket

Here is another partially organic display in the middle of the store. There is organic pumpkin,  organic greens, organic red and white cabbage, and couple of other veggies I captured in following pics better. 

Organic reddish, egg plant, cucumbers and organic cherry tomatoes.

Organic pumpkin.
Organic baby asparagus.

Organic broccoli is around 35 HKD depending on the weight.

Orgnaic nappa cabbage is 25-35 HKD.

Organic burdock, whatever this is.

Durian at the Yata Supermarket

Durian is not organic, they just cut it open and I could take a look at the stems, there was no visible ripening agent on it. Doen’t mean the durians are not treated but ok for me as an exception, we bought one piece on Vietnam durian, the Malaysian was too expensive we found

Organic seeds, grains, and beans at the Yata Supermarket

Let’s move on to the dried goods. I couldn’t spot any canned goods such as organic beans, lentils, or tomatoes here.

Here is some organic black rice and organic millet.

Organic lentils, organic millet, and organic sesame.

Different varieties of organic quinoa and organic buckwheat.
Organic chia seeds and organic quinoa on sale.

Organic oatmeal at the Yata Supermarket

Different kinds of organic oatmeal.

Another organic oatmeal.

Organic vegan milks at the Yata Supermarket

Organic rice milk and other plant milks, even rice chocolate milk.

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