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traditional plant-based potato salad for birthday guests

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Evens out the overblown whites to direct focus onto the main subject, the potatoes.

potato salad for birthday guests | vegan

      pot, knife    

2 ponds (1 kg) waxy
potatoes, cooked, sooled, cubed
1 cube
smoked tofu, cubed
onion, cubed
pickles, cubed
1-2 cups
soy yoghurt
1 tbsp vegan
Mix all the ingredients and serve.

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In Germany, the potato salad is a staple of any party especially a birthday party. It’s easy to make, is cheap (which is super important), it’s filling, and it’s looks pretty good on the buffet. There are quite a few variations in potato salad recipes, especially between the South and the rest of Germany. The most common recipe consist of you guessed it, potatoes, mayonnaise, and some kind of meat. Usually some pink baloney. Pickles and onions are also common additives.


Wash your organic potatoes, if you’re want to make a rustic looking potato salad, scrub the skin and the rest the brush to remove all the dirt. It’s best to get potatoes that a good for salad. At the store, they most likely will be labeled as salad potatoes or waxy potatoes. Floury potatoes will break apart once cooked. The potatoes until soft, let them cool, cut them into bite sized pieces.

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We don’t need to serve our guests some unidentifiable meat mix. Smoked tofu has the perfect consistency to be used in a potato salad. Get yourself a block of smoked tofu, cut it up into thin slices, then cube it. There is no need to cook the tofu, you can use it as is or fry it in a pan if you like to just like you used to fry cubes of bacon.


The typical potato salad dressing it’s just tons of store-bought mayonnaise. For Eliza Virgina yet like to use some soy yogurt, plain, and adding a little bit of simple vegan mustard.


Have a great add-ons for the potato salad or pickles, oops oops herbs, fresh or dried, fresh veggies like cucumber, bell pepper, or radishes. Onions, pies, and corn are also a great add-ons.

mixing the potato salad

Make sure the potatoes are fully cooled down, not even warm! Mix everything together and serve.

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