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Bali Stories 2015

Traveling to Bali.
Dinner with the amazing Bali Fruit Fest Crew.
Exploring Ubud by night.
Massive jackfruit and dinner at Alchemy.
Beach day with fruity friends. Lunch and dinner at Divine Earth in Seminyak.
Cozy breakfast and lunch. Just a working day.
Durian hunt.
Fruit & a pool. All I need today.
Island Organic delivery. Meet the dragon.
Visa run 1/3.
Russian vlog day. Moksa lunch.
Fruit. Alchemy dinner.
Ducks. A farmers market? More of a table.
Pizza. I'm spinning.
Star Wars. Fruit market.
Xmas dinner with friends.
Not just durian.
This Jungle life though.
Trying to film a recipe video.
Happy New Year. Be safe, no dirty food.
Let's forget about resolutions and eat some food.

Bali Stories 2016

Trying to film a recipe video again.
Don't be a satan, eat plant based.
I'm on Periscope.
Market fruit haul.
Raw food arrives.
Our las white chocolate bowl.
How to ripen an avocado. Fast.
Digging in.
Too much fruit?
One of these fruity days.
Delicious gourmet food.
We had durian.
First salad in a while.
We had soursop.
We had cake. Its V-day.
We went to Divine Earth.

We are having pancake.
The market was not as good as this cake.
Are we having burgers.

Why did we order this?
We are having noodles, and ...
Market haul and wraps.

Divine earth and beach.
Market and Food with Victoria.
Geko, lasagne, & cake.

Durian and village stroll.
Getting ready for Nyepi.
He tries it for the first time. Again.

Forget tea time, it's Durian time.
Red okra? Food we ate today.
Birthday lunch with Doris.

Gummy bear fruit.
Market and beauty shop.
Enjoying the durian season.

Water apple is fruit porn.
Something we didn't try at Divine Earth?
Back to fruit.
He brought so many durians.

Papaya with what.
Trying a new gourmet raw restaurant.