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It’s all about raw food and durians | Ubud, Bali

Real food. Real us.

As every day, we are going to eat some amazing raw vegan food. Today, we are going to one of our fav raw food restaurant in Bali – The Seeds of Life, they have daily specials, and we NEED to try the Mondays’ special lasagne today. For dinner, we got 8 durians and ate 5 of them (they are much smaller as the ones you get in Thailand, and 2 were not really edible, so don’t worry, we are not gonna die of all the fat, and we had fruit for breakfast.

If you want to make this lasagne at home, get you book below, Raw Food Cafe was written by the creators of the restaurant and provide many tips on how to make the sauces and the cheeze used for the lasagne, even the recipe for the lasagne itself is not in the book.

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