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Travel Food & Snacks

Traveling raw vegan is scary? Impossible? Too stressful?
I don’t think so! Traveling raw vegan for 3 years, we have some tips and tricks you should know if the thought of traveling raw stresses you out.

Bring enough

If you don’t bring enough food while traveling, you might be ending up starving or binging on nasty foods you don’t normally eat. Fruit and raw food options are uncertain at the airport and on the plane. Organic and ripe fruit is non exciting.

Eat what you are used to eat

Even I try to go for the fancy and comforting foods while I’m traveling, I try to stick to the foods I’m used to. For example too salty snacks with make me feel super thirsty and uncomfortable. Also eating lots of dehydrated foods or dried fruit after following a fresh fruit diet for month will dehydrate me and I wont enjoy the trip as much as I would do of water rich fruit. The good thing is, the foods I’m used to eat are also the cheap and easily available for taking on the trip.

Don’t try to be unrealistically healthy

When we are planing a special meal, we often try to be super perfect. And with food, perfect meany healthy. But there is no need to be to restrictive on the flight and deprive yourself of the foods you would usually eat. I even go a little overboard while traveling eating more comfort foods than usual. It helps me feeling comfy and happy. Traveling doesn’t happen every day for me and this one day of eating will not change my habits permanently nor will it get me out of shape. So I go for what seems beneficial for my happiness and make me feel great on the trip.

Water rich and calorie-dense foods

Water rich fruit makes me feel the best, watermelon and papaya are always part of my travel day breakfast. To take on the plane, I prefer lighter weight calorie-dense foods like power bars, dates, nuts.

My favorits

Power Wraps (salt-free)
Kale chips
Power bars

Click the recipe below!

Power Wraps

My fav travel companion and it's so easy to make. If you have a dehydrator, try it!