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Grapes of all colors

It’s grape season and we got all kinds of grapes available at our organic store. Grapes taste amazing and are easy for a snack before or after lunch for us.

As we are ordering all our produce online at the moment, it’s sometimes hard to tell which grapes are going to taste amazing and which ones are going to be just sour. Usually it’s a 50-50 chance. And this time, the green grapes are sour and the darkest grapes are the sweetest. The red ones are kind of in between but still super tasty. Just not as sweet.

It’s always been a dream of mine to grow my own grapes, but it’s gonna be hard to do in Germany. The harvest varies between the years greatly. On average, it’s one in three years of a good grape harvest, so we have to rely on imported Spanish or Italian grapes most of the time.



Raw vegan recipes with organic grapes.

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