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Cutlery I just had to get in Japan

Skinny hammered forks and spoons. By Yuichi Takemata.

I found this beauty on Pinterest as he started it, big then I have no idea I would have to chance to go to Japan and really find and get it. Finding specific handmade items from Japan can be a huge struggle, even if you are in Japan. I have a huge page on buying food photography props in Japan, check it out if you are looking into buying food photography props in Japan.

For sure there are some online shops you can order Japanese cutlery and plates from. And there are also some local businesses/stores in Europe and in the United States that import Japanese kitchen stuff. But, as with all unique handmade items, they are sold out super quickly. And importing them is really expensive. Prepared to pay double the price for an already really expensive item. Here is one (Analogue Life), I never ordered from, not sponsored! They have an amazing selection, which is selling out super fast.

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