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Green Sand Beach| Big Island, Hawaii

Green Sand Beach Panorama

Since we got here, we wanted to see the green sand beach. To get to the beach we had to hike about 3 miles. It took us 1h to make it to the beach. The sun was burning. The wind was so strong, I got plenty of the green sand in my mouth on the way to the beach. To do the hike, you need a very good sun protection and sun glasses.

If you have a 4×4, you might be able to drive to the beach, or you can pay a driver, there are some at the parking lot who would bring you to the beach and take you back for $15. But we enjoyed the hike despite the heavy wind. We found some sea purslane which was beyond amazing. I’ve never had sea purslane before and was more than surprised by how salty it tastes.

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