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What I ate

Fruitadmin Book

The basics of my simple raw food.

Vegan Market in Berlin

The Green Market is an all vegan event we love to go to meet amazing people and eat some great food.

What I eat in a day in Tenerife

Raw vegan during the winter.

What I eat my papaya with

Sauer, hot and sweet.

What I ate in Toronto | Canada

3 restaurants in 5 hours.

What I ate in NYC raw vegan

All this raw food.

What we eat in Bali

Quick drive to the market and we are all set for 3 fruity days. Eating all fruit is pretty typical for us here in Bali. We eat gourmet raw now and then, but not today.

What we ate in Bali

Starving, disgusting durians, comfort food.
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