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Simply raw bakery

Das Buch

We stayed in Vienna for 2 weeks and ate at simply raw bakery almost everyday. Not just the food is amazing, the whole place is a hidden treasure in the middle of the otherwise very touristy center of Vienna. We got to try many different raw vegan dishes and can’t to share our wonderful experience with you.

I’d love to present my favs first:

Schmalz Brot
Kaiser Breakfast
Daily Menu

Daily Menu

Small soup, salad & small dessert

We had the menu (9,90€) once the and fell in love with the salad. As we share all the dishes, we love to get the full sizes of the salad and the soup. All the components change weekly.

Raw Soup

Beet soup with avocado and horseradish.

We had the beet soup (5,90€) as a part of the menu and also the full size. I love horseradish, it’s spicy and delicious. I found the soup too watery and liquidy at first, but it was flavorful and filling nevertheless.

Raw Soup

Tomato soup with avocado and basil.

We had the tomato soup (5,90€) slightly warm the second time, with no oil and salt. The first time, we ordered it without the alterations. It was absolutely delicious, maybe a touch too salty, but creamy and rich. The second time our custom soup was warm, which we loved, but a little too spicy and less creamy. We will get it with no salt but with the oil the next time.


With radish, tomato, bell peppers, grapefruit, basil dressing and croutons.

The salads (9,90€) are always refreshing and filling. We love the creamy dressing and the daily slightly different ingredients. I never gets boring.

Another salad with kohlrabi noodles and creamy dressing.

Scoop of simply raw Ice Cream

Vanilla-coconut ice cream

The ice cream (2X2,50€) is rich and fluffy, more like a whipped cream. The coconut taste is well hidden, it tastes like a super delicious vanilla cream. We like it best with berries and chocolate sauce.

Kaiser Breakfast „Sisi & Franz“

Veggies with hummus & chive bread, granola with fresh fruits & cashew-mylk, chocolate mousse with orange.

The breakfast (16,90 €) is an amazing meal and a tasting plate at the same time. We immediately fell in love with the hummus and the granola after having it at our first visit. Definetely recommend it for any meal of the day.

Lazy Day-Simply raw granola

With fresh fruits, & homemade cashew-mylk.

The granola (6,90 €) is our breakfast go to dish. We had it with different fruit and almond or cashew milk. Loved all the variations.


zucchini hummus with tomatoes, cucumber,
olives & homemade rawfood bread

The hummus (7,90 €) is amazing, it doesn’t taste like a chickpea hummus, it has it’s own light and fresh taste and it’s creamy. Our twick on the hummus is to get it with no extra drizzled oil on top and no salt. We ordered it with extra bread the first time, but it’s unnecessary, as the bread and the veggies are pretty well balanced with the amount of hummus.

Banana Time

2 slices of banana bread with apricot jam
or our simply (not raw*) nougatella

The nougatella is not raw!! There is the option of getting it with chocolate sauce, vanilla sauce, or jam.

Schmaltz Bread

Homemade raw bread with simply raw vegan onion ‚schmaltz‘

The bread (3,90 €) is amazing. The spread tastes exactly like the real schmalz, a far as I can remember. We had it almost every time we ate at the restaurant.


Simply raw pizza with basil, cashew, onion, rock salt

The pizza (10,90 €) was good. The «cheese» on top was a nice treat. The base an the sauce were delicious and flavorful.


Homemade raw bread with tomato-salsa: tomatoes, spring onions, rocket, olive oil

Bruschetta (4,90 €) is made of raw bread, green creamy spread and tomatoes with oil. We ordered it without the oil the second time and it was even tastier.

Club Sandwich

With lettuce, veggies and
sour cream dressing

We loved the raw vegan sour cream dressing in the club sandwich (10,90 €).

Buddha Bowl

Lamb‘s lettuce, zucchini, carrot, tomatoes, rocket,
avocado, sprouts, coconut yoghurt, peanut dressing, sprouted quinoa.

The Big Buddha (12,90 €) was delicious, a perfect lunch meal. We subbed the peanut dressing with the salad dressing as the peanuts are roasted. The quinoa can be sprouted or cooked, make sure you order what you want.


The Kaiserschmarrn (6,90) as I remember it is soft and fluffy, the Kaiserschmarrn here was on the drier site, and tasted like crumbles on the cake. I don’t like dry pasty, so it wasn’t for me. Stefan loved it though, he likes dry pastry and cake ccrumbles.

Raw vegan cupcakes

Cupcakes are 4,50€ a piece. We tryde poppyseed-lemon, double chocolate, banana-pecan, chocolate-banana and many more.
We loved the chocolate, the red velvet and the banana base the best. The strawberry cream and the lemony cream were our favs.

Other raw vegan sweets

Snickers (not raw*)

Raw vegan cakes

Cakes (4,90€) change daily and are all delicious. We love the almond and chia base and fruity creams.


Sachertorte is a must for a Vienna visitor, this raw vegan version is not just tastier as the original, it’s also better for the animals and the planet.


Served with chocolate sauce.

The tiramisu (6,90 €) is creamy, rich and simply delicious. Every layer is delicious in its own way. The almond base is moist and flavorful, the other layers creamy and sweet. The bitter chocolate sauce is a perfect contrasting addition to this perfect cake.


Only available when the large organic strawberries are in season. So worth trying! A different kind of a raw dessert that we haven’t had anywhere else. We ordered extra vanilla sauce.

Simply raw bakery is a lovely place to have breakfast or lunch or just a piece of an amazing raw cake. It’s a family business run by the most amazing people, sometimes you can spot one of the 2 family dogs hanging out in the background, they are super friendly and cute. We love the incredible chill atmosphere, the fast and friendly service and the daily changing cakes. We got to try so many different thing there while in Vienna.
We were also amazed by the flexibility of the stuff to accommodate our wishes for low-salt and oil-free dished. The ingredients are organic and the prices considering the quality and the labor intensity of preparing raw gourmet dishes almost too low. An onther huge plus is the complete absence of animal products, no hidden milk or cheese and no honey, which is super rare even at «raw vegan» places.

*One thing I would love to see changed in the future, the labeling of cooked/roasted ingredients. I would make the ordering easier for me and other raw foodies. We accidentally ended up getting not raw dishes despite reading the menu carefully and consulting with the service. The dished known to me containing roasted nuts are nougatella spread (it is sold in jars and served with some dishes like banana bread), as well as sweets and dressings containing peanuts (sweets containing roasted peanuts can be a part of the lunch menu).

Nougatella is not raw*.

We would recommend anyone trying the amazing food at simply raw bakery and taking some pictures there, the place is just lovely.