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There are several things to keep in mind while traveling. The most important one is personal safety. Nothing comes close to it. When it comes to possessions, the only thing I’m really worried about if my passport. Our passports.
Of course I also try not to lose my expensive gear and other belongings. Here is what we’ve learned while traveling.

Personal safety

There are 2 parts to this issue. The one is how not to get into trouble and the other, how to deal with trouble.
In the unknown environment, there are unforeseen dangers from huge holes in the footpath to tsunami. Make sure you are aware of the dangers and are prepared. The other thing to consider, is getting into trouble. Either getting sick or hurting someone else. Do you have a proper health and liability insurance. Think about getting both.


Losing a passport is the worst that could happen to you if you are not planning on returning home any time soon. Even if you find your embassy or a consulate, the chances are high that you don’t get a permanent passport very quick and will not be able to travel anywhere but home. My point is, do whatever it takes to not to lose your passport. We like having ours in a safe pocket of our travel pants or in a neck wallet.


There are many ways to loose luggage. The easiest way is just to have so many items, that you loose track of them. For me, it always has been easy to keep track of 2 items. Any additional item is very likely to be lost in the process. An other possibility of failure accrues every time I pull out a bag out of a bag. I try not to do it.

In case something gets lost, it is very helpful to ease the pain with some compensation by the insurance company.
We always have a travel insurance that covers luggage losses and damage. It usually doesn’t really cover laptops and cameras though. But it is way better than nothing.

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