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Tom Yum Soup

Tom Yum Soup



1 cup
coconut water
3 medium size
1 stick
lemongrass, cut in chunks
1 thumb
ginger, peeled and roughly cut
1/4 cup
coconut meat
Infuse the coconut water with ginger and lemon grass for 1 hour and strain. Blend the tomatoes, infused coconut water and coconut meat till smooth. Add some fresh chile peppers for some extra magic. If you can find kaffir lime leaves, use 1-2 to infuse the water as well. If you can't find coconut meat or coconut water, use regular water, 1/24 cup of cashews and a little coconut oil for the taste.


2-3 fresh
mushrooms, sliced
diakon reddish, spiralized
onion, cut in rings
1/4 cup fresh
corn kernels

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