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food processor

food processor i use

My Food Processor

A food processor is a very useful tool in the raw food kitchen. I use it for veggie rice, cake bases, and for grinding and cutting veggies. Therefore, I got a food processor fitted with an s-knife (sabatier blade) as well as with different cutting and shredding and slicing discs.

This one is similar to the one I use in Germany and while traveling in Europe.
This one I used while living in the US and Costa Rica.

I'm Ina

I'm passionate about raw food because it's so amazing, I don't crave anything else. Raw food is not only super tasty and healthy, it is also incredibly versatile and exciting. Give one of my recipes a try.


My Blender and fav Jars

I love the Blendtec blender for its powerful but dull blades. It is easy to clean and it is safe. The big jar is perfect for smoothies and soups. The twisted jars are perfect for dry ingredients for making raw breads, cakes and crackers. I’ve used it for half a year now and am pretty happy with the results. There are some shortcoming like with every other appliance, but compared to all the other blenders I’ve tried so far, it’s the best for me at the moment.

new dehydrator


We bought this one in Summer 2017. After extensive research we decides to get a small Sedona with metal sheets. I’m super stocked to have a dehydrator back in my life, it’s running around the clock.

+ small
+ lange dehydration area
+ silent
+ timer
+ metall sheets

– quit pricy
– chemical smell when new
– don’t dehydrate super evenly, rotation necessary

Buy your Sedona here

We also have this one

These dehydrators I would buy if we had more space and could spend more money

Dehydrated fruits for 20h

old dehydrator

We bought this dehydrator in NYC and took it to Costa Rica to dehydrate coconut meat, kale and tomatoes. We loved it especially because it’s so easy to take apart and to clean with a water hose. In Germany, this one wouldn’t work without an extra huge power adapter.

+ light weight
+ easy to clean
+ large dehydration area

– loud

Buy your Excalibur here

In Germany we bought this one

These dehydrators I would buy if we had more space and could spend more money