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Second hand shops in New Zealand

There are some great second-hand shops in New Zealand. Most sell not just clothes, but also household items, especially kitchen stuff.

In Auckland, there are some chains and little boutiques. The chains are Red Cross, Salvatory Army, and Hospice Shop.

The Red Cross and Salvatory Army are cheaper, the quality of clothes is not great, the shops, at least the ones we have been to are smelly. The Hospice Shops are clean, the clothes are more expensive, but in much better condition.

This Hospice Shop in Takapuna is great

Here in Birkenhead are the big second-hand chains alongside with smaller second-hand boutiques.

Michael Jackson

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Jackson 5

Michaels Biography Moonwalker


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Michaels Interview with Oprah

Michael backstabbed by Bashir

Michael and Lisa Presley

Michael and his wife

Allegations and Trial

Trial Transcripts

Michaels Death and Trial

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Raspberry caramel cakes

raw vegan cake

Raspberry no-bake cakes

      Blender, Food Processor


1 cup
medjool dates, pitted
Combine using a food processor into a crumbly mixture.


1 cup
medjool dates, pitted
Puree using a blender till jam-like consistency.

Caramel cream

1 ⅓ cups
cashews, soaked for 2h
medjool dates, pitted
Blend till creamy.
Gently transfer the layers into flat glasses. Decorate with raspberries.

raw vegan cake caramel cake

raw vegan cake raspberry

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Amazing Falafel Salad

Rawesome Cheesecakes

Great Raw Burgers

Delicious Bolognese with raw Parmesan

raw vegan cake cup cake treat cashews

A good blender is simply irreplaceable.

Dehydrator turns fruit into delicious healthy treats.

If you like veggie noodles, you should get a spiralizer.

Chocolate Milk

Sure, you can by vegan milks at a store, but it’s so easy to make your own raw vegan milk at home. Plan-based milks are not only tastier and healthier than cow’s milk, they are also so versatile and fun to make.
We used to love chocolate milk. The taste, the sweetness, the flavor of cocoa. Not the unhealthy ingredients of it or the animal-cruelty caused by the milk production for sure. So here is an amazing hemp-based alternative. It is healthier and even more delicious. There are so many more good non-dairy vegan substitutes for milk we will share with you this year!

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What are some good non-dairy vegan substitutes for milk? homemade chocolate milk vegan raw with hemp

Chocolate Milk with Hemp


2 tbsp hulled
1 tbsp raw
Medjool dates
500 ml (2 cups)
Blend all the ingredients in a high speed blender till smooth.

Where do we find our raw ingredients?

Some health food stores sell them, but we prefer buying them online. It’s usually cheaper and saves time looking for them at a store.

raw milk dates raw food dates
raw cacao milk vegan raw milk hemp
hemp raw protein milk


Order dates online here.

Raw Cacao

And here you raw cocoa powder.

Raw Hemp

Get your raw hemp seeds here.

Date, Agave, Honey? What is healthier

Dates are a healthier sugar alternative. It is better than agave or honey. Not that we are considering honey as a possible food, it’s a product bees invested hard labor in to have food for themselves and who are we to steel it, right?! Back to the date, dates are the best.

Watch the video on a comprehensive comparison of the popular sweeteners. Or read the original study if you want the information first hand here.

A good blender is simply irreplaceable.

Dehydrator turns fruit into delicious healthy treats.

If you like veggie noodles, you should get a spiralizer.