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Cake mold pre-cut pieces

If I only could by one cake mold, it would be this one. So easy to use and so versatile.

Cake mold pre-cut pieces

When I first discovered this cake mold, I knew, it’s going to be perfect for raw vegan cakes! I love making raw vegan cakes and now, that I have a little more time for that, I totally enjoy the freedom of making different flavors using just one mold. It is also super easy to use when you freeze your cake what I usually do. The pieces come out beautiful and even.

Recipes using a cake mold


Where do I get raw cacao from

Most health food stores have raw organic cacao powder nowadays. If your store doesn’t carry it, you can order it online here.

raw cacao milk vegan raw milk hemp

Is cacao healthy or not?

Health benefits of cacao powder

Cocoa contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, zinc and iron. Since I only consume cocoa in small amounts, I do not rely on cocoa as a source of these minerals in my diet and eat it solely for the sake of taste.

Realth risks

Pesticides in cacao

The cocao is grown in tropical countries, where the regulations for pesticide use are very loose and pesticides are used, which are long banned here.Therefore, I only by certified organic cacao powder to avoid this health hazard and not to poison the environment and the growers unnecessarily.

Disadvantages of cocoa due to the caffeine content

Cacao contains caffeine as well as theobromine and can be irritating, especially if consumed in a large amount or if you consume it rarely. I try to eat cocoa only in the mornings to avoid insomnia.

Phytic acid in cacao

Cacao contains the phytic acid. Phytic acid can hamper the absorption of calcium, magnesium and zinc. I buy organic and fermented cocoa products, the phytic acid content is expected to be lower in these. Whether the cocoa is fermented or not can be found on the label or the product website.

recipes with cacao

raw vegan recipe books with chocolate recipes

Kitchen gadgets I love

Cacao varieties

More Raw Cocoa Products
Whole fresh cacao pods
cocoa nibs
Dried cacao beans with white pulp
Whole dried fermented cacao beans
Cacao butter
Cacao paste

Rawtastic | Berlin, Germany

menu ratastic berlin raw food

We have been to Rawtastic at least 10 times since the opening party. The food is amazing and getting better and better.

What we had

testing platter rawastic berlin raw vegan restaurant

Tasting Plate

Rawastic Wrap, Raw Cheeze, Cracker, Spinnach Soup, Burger Patty, Pad Thai.

The plate was beautifully arranged and the variety of the samples was great. We even got to substitute something. I didn’t wanna rice paper and it wasn’t a big deal. The most delicious thing on the plate was the burger with ketchup and mayo. Soft, juicy, definitely something I’ll order the next time. I also liked the spinach soup, it was light and flavorful. The cheeses were good, simple but good. The rest of the plate were dishes, I usually don’t order, like pad thai and veggie roll, cause I make them at home all the time, so it was very nice to get a taste of them here. An other time we had the texmex dish on the tasting plate, with lots of sundried toatoes, very tasty. Also the koodles with the very amazing pesto.

soup rawastic berlin raw vegan restaurant

Soup of the day

The soup of the day (6,50€) comes in a medium size bowl and is always beautifully decorated. The portion size is filling and the soup itself is rich and flavorful. We had the mushroom soup, the spinach soup, zucchini soup and tomato soup. I liked the tomato and the zucchini soups the most.

pizza dish plate rawastic berlin raw vegan restaurant


Crunchy raw pizza crust coated with tomato and basil sauce,and cashew cheese and topped with red pepper, rocket, beansprouts and hemp seeds. Served with a side dish of seasonal greens.

We ordered the pizza (12,00€) and shared it, even it was hard to share,it was really that good. The creamy sauces were just delicious. Wonderfully flavored with fresh basil. The crust could have been slightly thicker, but it was delicious, especially the crunchy parts that weren’t covered by the sauce.

Rawtastic Experience

It’s a lovely place not far from were we live. It serves delicious everyday food. The service is outstanding, you will rarely find such a warm and welcoming restaurant in Berlin. We will come soon. We got 2 date balls before we left, which were absolutely delicious.


As all the raw restaurants we’ve visited, rawtastic has amazing dishes, and some items on the menu I don’t quite like. Once I figured out what I like, I’m never been disapponted. Order the tasting platter eating here for the first time. Bring cash, you can’t pay with card (yet).

Here is our Vlog eating at Rawtastic (in Russian)

pizza rawastic berlin raw vegan restaurant
sampler plate rawastic berlin raw vegan restaurant