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Should vegans preach about veganism?

Even a hint about a possibility to live happily and healthy without eating animal flesh is perceived as preaching by flesh eating humans. Should we withhold the information that could change the life of the unknowing and the lives and of thousands of animals to a better? Should we not talk about the possibility of a life without eating rotten flesh?

Every single vegan I’ve met within the past 3 year stated clearly that gong vegan was the best decision of his life. The only regret this decisions is not to go vegan earlier. I feel the same! But who could and should have told me?

Years before going vegan, I met 2 vegans in real life, I wish they would have talked about their lifestyle more openly, or challenged me to try vegan or at least to think about veganism, or at least let me feel guilty about my milk drinking and thinking I’m not hurting anyone with it.

If we don’t talk about veganism openly (aka preaching) now, we rub the future vegans the chance of going vegan sooner. We have to find our voice, the language we are comfortable using to engage in not always comfortable discussions with the unknowing. We should not avoid talking about veganism only to not to upset the flesh eaters. Keeping quiet means agreeing with the believe that eating meat or drinking milk is a personal choice and doesn’t heart anybody.

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