taco shells

big green leaves – cabbage, kale or lettuce

salsa sauce

tomatoes, seeded, minced
onions, minced
pineapple, minced
cucumbers, peeled, seeded, minced
pepperoni, minced
green onions, minced
garlic chives, minced
cilantro, chopped


tomatoes, seeded, diced
cucumber seeds, blended
garlic chive whites, blended
green onion whites, blended
cilantro stems, blended
avocado, blended
lemon juice, drizzled
avocado, chopped or mashed

taco filling

corn, fresh, minced
garlic chives, minced
tomato seeds, minced
sun dried tomatoes, salt-free, minced
taco seasoning, organic, salt-free



tomatoes are essential but could be replaced with ripe red bell peppers
cucumber can be replaced with apple and in the guacamole with some water
onions and chives are completely optional!
so is pineapple! but you could use mango instead or some peaches for the sweetness
cilantro is great, but parsley will do the job too
avocado, this is a hard one! but is you want to make it fat free just use peeled zucchini or fresh corn, if you don’t mind fat, use some nuts, how about pecans? walnuts? or sunflower seeds? pumpkin seeds?
corn has to be fresh and organic, if you don’t have it use anything that is easy to blend, such as zucchini, cucumber, and sone presoaked sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds
chili, sun dried tomatoes, taco seasoning are optional, but if you are using those, make sure they are salt free, you don’t need salt in this flavourful recipe, but its up to you ♥
what’s in the taco seasoning? its in my chicken salad post

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