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Quick Raw Burger

raw portobello burger in munich

We just arrived in Munich and after 7 month away, there are quite a few foods we’ve been missing, like almond butter, spouts, raw goodies, the abundance of organic fruits and veggies we can trust. We spotted the portabello mushrooms in the cool room in one of our fav organic stores in Munich and couldn’t resist. It’s gonna be portobello burger for lunch. We also got some fruit, but to be honest, after the 12 hours flight and having the raw snacks, we were not so super hungry.

My parents came visiting as I was assembling the second burger to take a picture on the balcony of our Airbnb apartment. My parents could have thought I’m crazy running around with the burger instead of giving them the full attention, but they know me, I just have to take a pic for instagram, it’s not that I like this burger more than them, I just have to share it with you guys.

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