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Pesto Fettuccine

Raw Vegan Pesto Fettuccine

Soft fettuccine dived into creamiest pesto.
      Vegetable Peeler, Blender    


3-4 fresh, organic
cucumbers, peeled
Continue peeling the cucumbers with a veggie peeler to create fettuccine till you reach the seeds. Save this part for the pesto dressing.

Pesto Dressing

1/2 organic
lemon, juiced
to taste organic
garlic, peeled
lots of fresh, organic
basil leaves
1/2 ripe, organic
Blend cucumber hearts, lemon juice, garlic, avocado, and almost all basil leaves in a blender until smooth and creamy.
Serve on cucumber fettuccine and garnish with left over basil. Enjoy immediately. The cucumber noodles taste best when fresh.

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