My luggage

Luggage is my furniture when I’m traveling. If has to be light weight and reliable.
I’m always on the lookout for best options, here is what I’m at right now.

The suitcase

I always try to travel with a few bags as possible. If I can, I will always try to take just one suitcase.
This is the one I’m taking to the tropics. My suitcase is waterproof and steady. It is the largest one I could take with me on the plane as a regular size check in luggage. Before buying a suitcase, always make sure it’s not bigger than allowed to avoid tremendous oversize charges.

The extra bag

At the moment, we travel with just one drop off suitcase. It is pretty heavy on its own, so fully packed, not every airline will allow us to take it without extra costs. It is usually cheaper to pay for an extra bag than to pay for overweight. Therefore, I always have a super lightweight additional bag. The one we have right now is this pantagonia backpack bag.

The backpack

Stefan wanted to have a great secure laptop bag. We were looking around a lot and found the one that we fell in love with love.
The thing is, we do boarder runs every other month with just our backpacks and need something secure to leave our valuables in the hotels or apartment. This backpack is the safest we’ve found so far and it stores our laptop amazingly.

The camera bag

I bought my camera bag on sale so I can’t recommend it, it’s not available any more. My camera gear is constantly changing and I try to get a slightly bigger bag than I need to fit in the extra lens I might be getting. My camera bag only carries the camera body, the lenses and my husbands camera, no accessories or chargers, only the sensitive stuff. I’m thinking about getting a better vlogging cam and should I need to get a new camera bag, I’ll let you know.

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